A Better Way for Teams to Create and Share Information.

Procedures, Plans, Strategies, Ideas, Notes, and more!

Empowering individuals and teams alike.

A Better Way to Create and Share Information

Bring All Your Ideas Together in a Central Workspace Hub

Plexie makes it easy to bring all of your ideas together in one place, supporting collaboration and innovation across projects and teams.

Integrate All Existing Media & Content Elements

Create visually captivating and compelling, interactive pages and workspaces with embedded videos, social media posts, websites, apps, documents, image files and more.

Hit the Ground Running with Built-in Templates

Our pre‑designed templates include all the content blocks and design elements you need to start creating quickly.

Solutions for Every Team


DevOps teams work with a variety of systems every day. Plexie is an ideal place to document procedures, system architecture and to manage team resources.

Software Teams

Building great software is a creative process. User stories, code blocks, UX design, scrums, and more. Bring your software process to life with Plexie.

Business Operations

Develop and share commonly used procedures, documents and plans with your operations teams. Operations manuals, contact lists, reference guides, financial procedures....they all come to life on Plexie.

Learning & Education

Whether for Corporate Learning, personal skills, or formal education, Plexie lets you create, organize and share your learning content. eLearning, ILT digital binders, course catalogs, note taking, and more!

Creative Teams and Marketing

Plexie is a marketing team's dream come true. Bring your ideas to life by collaboratively creating and sharing content. Plan campaigns, catalog images, brainstorm on ideas and more.

"We built a knowledge base for our product line and our customers love it."

Customer Support Manager

"I really like that we can put different types of documents into one Plexie. Before they were everywhere and no one could ever find them."

Lead Developer

"My teacher wants us to take Cornell Notes. I used the Plexie template and its working great."


"We use it for User Stories, managing scrums, and letting the team know standards for coding. All our standards are in Plexie."

Product Owner

"We love the way we can create design concepts in a collaborative way. Nothing else does it as well.

Marketing Manager

"Some (Plexies) I want private to me, some I want to share with the world...and everything in between. I like the options"

VP Sales