Acceptable Use Policy

Effective February 1, 2019

This Acceptable Use Policy outlines the ways in which you may use the Plexie platform and they type of use that is prohibited. Should you violate any of these terms or if we suspect misuse or abuse of our platform or use our platform in way that may harm others or violate the law, at our sole discretion we may terminate your use of Plexie either temporarily or permanently. We may also pursue legal action or report behavior to authorities if appropriate.  

Terms of Service

In addition to the use restrictions outlined in this document, all users must also abide by the Plexie Terms of Service agreement, which is available both in the application and on our website.

Criminal Activity 

Conducting any criminal activity or using the platform to directly or indirectly support such activity is not permitted. Such use will immediately be reported to the appropriate authorities and involved user accounts removed permanently. This also applies to the following, all of which is strictly prohibited on the Plexie platform: 

  • Organizations, clubs or informal groups organized to encourage, plan or conduct crimes, intimidation, harassment or other such activities 
  • Terrorist activity 
  • Human trafficking, prostitution or slavery 

Objectionable Content 

Pornography and Sexual Content 

Content that is pornographic or sexual in nature is not permitted on the Plexie platform. This includes links to other sites that may contain such content. It is understood that images of the physical body and discussion of human sexuality may have legitimate uses such as medical training and others, however when such images or discussions are intended to cause sexual excitement, they fit the definition of pornography and are prohibited. Sexual solicitation of any kind is also prohibited on the platform. 

Violence and Graphic Content 

Plexie should not be used to promote or depict violence or any behavior that inflicts pain or suffering on others. Additionally, we prohibit the use of disturbing graphic content. 

Hate Speech 

Plexie may not be used to promote hate speech. This includes any attack or derogatory statements directed at another person or group which may or may not be based on personal characteristics, beliefs, ethnic origin and other distinguishing factors. Trolling is not permitted on the platform, specifically including engaging in controversial and emotional dialog for the sole purpose of upsetting or angering other users. 

Harm to Self and Others 

We do not allow any content that encourages people to harm themselves or others in any way. This may include, but is not limited to, inciting violence against others, suicide or self-injury behaviors. 


The Plexie platform may not be used to promote the sale or use of illegal goods such as drugs and other legally regulated items. Goods that may be legally used and sold by individuals, such as firearms, may appear in Plexie but promotion for uses outside legal restrictions or to incite violence or illegal activity is prohibited.   


Users may not misrepresent their identities on the Plexie platform. We ask users to use their true identity when registering and using Plexie. This information is not shared or visible to others on the platform or outside the platform unless the user specifically shares the information.  

Commercial Activity and Spam 

Users may engage in legal commercial activity between themselves and others
who have agreed to be contacted by them. Plexie may not be used to
contact people who have not previously agreed to be contacted by you
(opted in). Any such use of Plexie is considered a violation of this
agreement and may be prosecuted.  

Intellectual Property 

You are free to use any content you own or have legal rights to use. In using the Plexie platform, you must respect the trademarks, copyright and intellectual property ownership of others.  

Acceptable use Issues 

If you have any questions or concerns about the Plexie Acceptable User Policy, please contact us at:

Plexie – Acceptable Use Policy
700 17th Street
Suite 1850
Denver, CO 80202