Guide to billing at Plexie

This guide is intended to help you understand how billing works at Plexie. From making a payment to upgrading your plan we’ll help you get started.


Plexie is built for teams. By upgrading your Plexie workspace, you’re upgrading your workspace for you and everyone in the workspace. 

Use your credit card to pay for a plan.

If you’re interested in our Enterprise plan, contact us for more information.

Plexie uses a banded pricing model, meaning you can have up to a certain number of users in your workspace without paying anything additional. Each band has a top limit of users and you may change to a higher or lower band as your needs change. You can view more pricing details here:

You can add users as needed and if you upgrade at anytime. 


Manage your Plexie plan

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, downgrade, cancel a paid plan – or anything in between – we’ll assist you in making these changes. We’re happy to help – Contact Us.