How to Create a Business Model or Lean Canvas

Both Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas exist to focus on the operational and strategic management business plans.  

Read on to learn about their differences, advantages, and how to create them quickly with Plexie!

Create a professional BMC or Lean Canvas in Plexie

Plexie’s built-in templates follow the core BMC and Lean Canvas.

Each template includes the building blocks of a BMC or Lean Canvas with instructions and examples of how they’re used – make it fast, focused and understandable! 

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Business Model Canvas vs. Lean Canvas?

Both business canvases exist to focus on the operational and strategic management business plans.  

Proposed by Alexander Osterwalder, the Business Model Canvas has 9 building blocks that can be utilized for a variety of business plans- new and existing. 

The Lean Canvas, proposed by Ash Maurya, differs slightly and outlines a more problem focused approach, best used for startup businesses and entrepreneurs. 

How to Create a (BMC) Business Model Canvas?

Created by Alexander Osterwalder, “Business Model Canvasses are a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model.”

How to fill in the Business Model Canvas

Customer Segments:
List segments that provide the most revenue

Value Proposition:
What are your organization’s products and services? 

Revenue Streams:
List top revenue streams

List how your organization communicates with clientele

Customer Relationships:
How do you get and maintain relationships?

Key Activities: 
What does your organization do everyday to run the business model?

Key Resources:
Knowledge, people – your organization’s means – needed to run the business

Key Partners:
List partners needed to do business

Cost Structure:
List top costs by reviewing activities and resources

How to Create a Lean Canvas?

Created by Ash Maurya, the Lean Canvas is adapted from the BMC and it’s outline is best utilized for startups to quickly formulate possible business plans, campaigns, etc. The Lean Canvas uses the same 9 building blocks but are modified to suit a startup. 

How to fill in the Lean Canvas

In this box, list 3 problems that your customer segment has – the problems that need solving.

Customer Segments:
The Problem and Customer Segments are connected – who is the targeted audience that you’re solving problems for?

Unique Value Proposition:
Why is your service different, and why should the Customer Segment invest in your organization?

What is your solution to their problem?

What channels will you utilize to reach your targeted audience?

Revenue Streams: 
List how you’ll make revenue.

Cost Structure:
List operational costs

Key Metrics:
List the key activities that will measure your success.

Unfair Advantage:
List advantages that your organization has that no one else can buy or replicate.