Create Your Own Templates In Plexie

Create your own templates in Plexie Plexie custom templates are a great way for you to maintain consistency across your documents and to leverage all the style and layout work you have already done. Custom templates are help you:   Reuse the style, layout and default text you have created in an existing document Quickly […]

Brainstorm with Your Remote Team

Brainstorm with your Remote Team​ Business now sees the clear benefits of remote work now that the COVID-19 crisis pushed people out of the office.  We have proven that many people can work at home and, in fact, are more productive.  Combine this with lower office rent, ability to tap into an international labor pool, […]

How to write a Business Case

How to write a Business Case (Template Included) What is a Business Case? Your organization has big goals.  You and your team can contribute towards achieving them in a significant way.  But, you just don’t have the resources to do it! You need to do a Business Case! A Business Case provides the justification to […]

How to make a SWOT Analysis

How to make a SWOT Analysis Use our SWOT Template for Free! SWOT analysis  is a simple way to make strategic plans.  It is designed to “set the stage” and align teams to the four core concepts of “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats” related to your initiative.  Below is one of our templates with common elements: […]

Effectively Collaborate With Your Team

Collaborate with your Team Teamwork is an essential part of work today. Yet, effective teamwork is hard. It takes more than meetings and task lists to produce high quality results. Below we outline some of the key challenges to effective teamwork.  Click to Download the Infographic

How to write an SOP

How to write an SOP Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are becoming increasingly important to all operational teams, regardless of industry or size.  The benefits are endless.  Whether you are trying to increase quality, reduce safety incidents, or simply want to make your organization more efficient, SOPs are your answer. Here is a helpful workflow to create your […]

What is an SOP

What is an SOP A Standard Operating Procedure or SOP is a set of written instructions that guide users on performing a certain task in a consistent way. Operations teams write SOPs so that everyone is doing the task the exact same way every time.  Consistency in performing the task is a key concept, as that consistency is […]

How to Take More Effective Notes

How to Take More Effective Notes So many students use Plexie for note taking.  We asked one of our student-users to write a guest blog about her experience. Here’s what she has to say… As a college student at San Diego State University, I have found my coursework is increasingly online. As a result, I […]

Page Designer – How To Guide

Page Designer – How To Guide This How To guide will assist you in using Page Designer functionality to create exciting new types of content with Plexie. We will be working towards creating a well styled page like this one: For more details about everything included in this release see the Page Designer Release Notes. […]

Page Designer Release Notes

Page Designer Release Notes     The Page Designer is a major release and contains changes both big and small that we hope will improve your experience when using Plexie. Change List: New Card Toolbar Sections Section Toolbar Section Properties Panel Added Tooltips for Floating Action Button and Toolbars New Card Toolbar We added a […]