A Student’s Search For An Effective Note-Taking Platform

Effective Note-Taking Platform with Plexie. Class Notes Templates

A Student’s Search for an Effective Note-Taking Platform Try for free What is the Ideal Note-Taking Platform? A University Student’s Journey to Effective Note-Taking Create Effective Notes with Plexie Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on twitter Find out what features students deem the ideal note-taking platform through our survey, what […]

Page Designer – How To Guide

Page Designer – How To Guide This How To guide will assist you in using Page Designer functionality to create exciting new types of content with Plexie. We will be working towards creating a well styled page like this one: For more details about everything included in this release see the Page Designer Release Notes. […]

Page Designer Release Notes

Page Designer Release Notes     The Page Designer is a major release and contains changes both big and small that we hope will improve your experience when using Plexie. Change List: New Card Toolbar Sections Section Toolbar Section Properties Panel Added Tooltips for Floating Action Button and Toolbars New Card Toolbar We added a […]

The New Improved Layout Engine

Architect Drafting

The New Improved Layout Engine     The Plexie team have been working hard and just released a new, more versatile layout engine. While you might notice some cool things about it right off the bat, our new engine will really shine as we continue to build upon it in future updates, allowing for more […]

Find that Elusive Plexie With Our Advanced Search Features

Plexie Advance Search Features     Find that Elusive Plexie! The Plexie team have been hard at work to make finding and organizing your Plexies even easier than before! Searching in Plexie will search through all of your Plexies, Boards, and Cards to find what you’re looking for. You can also easily filter the search […]