Page Designer – How To Guide

Page Designer – How To Guide This How To guide will assist you in using Page Designer functionality to create exciting new types of content with Plexie. We will be working towards creating a well styled page like this one: For more details about everything included in this release see the Page Designer Release Notes. […]

Better Group Projects

Better Group Projects   Three activities that will make your next group project awesome! Say the words, “group project” and you will likely hear a collective groan.  Students hate group projects because the workload is never balanced and getting people to meetings is an exercise in herding cats.  Teachers hate them because they have to […]

Sharing Your Plexies Just Got Easier

Sharing Your Plexies Just Got Easier   The Plexie team has just made things easier when it comes to sharing your Plexies to the people that matter. In doing so, we’ve consolidated some things to make them easier to find and understand. We started by moving the Share button to it’s own location and changing its state […]