Email Newsletters are dead

(And what to do about it)

Let’s be clear. Newsletters are never going away.  If anything, they are making a resurgence for marketing and customer success teams.  Unlike other forms of communication, newsletters let you go into more depth on content, establishing you as an authority while building trust with your audience. Sending email newsletters is the traditional approach to doing this.
But email newsletters are fraught with problems for delivery, readability and utility.  Even expensive email newsletter systems can’t get around these.  It’s getting worse, too.  This article reviews the current limitations and issues with using email to send newsletters and presents the fastest growing alternative to email newsletters — Plexie.

Problems with Email Newsletters

  • Email Filters Hiding Newsletters – Recent email AI is automatically pushing you into low-view inbox categories.   Gmail’s “promotions” and Outlook’s “other” categories are often the things people ignore.  Your email newsletters will continue to fall into these categories, and you have no control over this.
  • Email Size Limits – Most companies have limits on email sizes.  This conflicts with reader expectations of richer and higher quality content.  The better your email newsletter looks, the larger it is, causing it to get caught in a filter along the way.
  • Pictures Being Blocked – Pictures are especially prone to being blocked, either in filters or the user’s email client.  This is partially because of size, but also because images are such an easy vector for viruses.   What does your email newsletter look like with images stripped off?
  • HTML Emails Being Blocked -In fact, many companies simply block outside HTML emails.  That’s why you also check the text version of your email newsletter, right?
  • Overly Aggressive Spam AI – In our spammy world, certain words are forbidden.  Use “free” too many times and you go to corporate spam.  Don’t even think of using all-caps or exclamation marks to close to each other.  Even common words like “opportunity” and “compare” are watched by filters.  It’s downright weird.


“Email newsletters are written for filters first.  Content comes second”.  


  • Responsive content – You can make your email newsletter responsive to mobile, but this is difficult, requires more testing and will never look as good as it would in a browser.
  • Embedded Content – Email newsletters can’t embed content PowerPoints, documents, spreadsheets, etc., relegating you to using attachments (more filter blocking) or links.  What happens when people click on a link?  They usually don’t come back.
  • Once you hit send, there’s no turning back – You are done. You can’t fix typos or update content later.


“Pushing the “send” button makes even the strongest person shake in fear”.


Even if you get past all the delivery barriers and your reader actually gets your email newsletter, it’s generally not the best experience for them or you.  You may hope they save your newsletters, but they are jumbled up with all their other emails, making it impossible to search older issues.

What are your alternatives?  Creating a website might sound like a good idea.  But, are you really good with WordPress?  You need to be.  Do you have access to your corporate website?  Do you know how to avoid negatively impacting your company’s SEO presence?  It’s a lot to deal with.

Plexie to the Rescue

A Plexie is like a super-easy website that anyone can create. It eliminates all the problems of email newsletters and can be shared with your audience just like a newsletter.


Write for your readers, not their filters

You can write your Plexie newsletter to fit your brand and message. You don’t have to write your newsletter to pass through email filters. Make your newsletters as long as you want and use whatever words you like.

Check out our Infographic on how to write a newsletter

Hit "send" with Confidence

Yes, you will still send an email. But it can be a simple email with a single link or clickable image to your Plexie newsletter. There’s no need for email testing and no filter blocking! And, if you make a mistake…you can fix it!

See all the benefits of Plexie newsletters

Embed everything your readers want

Your customers and prospects will love your Plexie newsletters! You can embed documents, PowerPoints, videos, forms and more right in your newsletter. Your readers never have to leave your newsletter to experience your content.

Easy Access to Archives

If you want, you can manage all your newsletters in your Plexie workspace and give your readers access to old versions. Plexie makes them all completely searchable, making your newsletters a real resource to your subscribers. Newsletters have a long life and you can cross reference between them, making them even more valuable.

Readable on any device

Plexies are automatically responsive for your mobile readers. Responsive content is always better in a browser than in an email content, giving all your mobile users a rich experience.