How to make a SWOT Analysis

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SWOT analysis  is a simple way to make strategic plans.  It is designed to “set the stage” and align teams to the four core concepts of “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats” related to your initiative.  Below is one of our templates with common elements:

SWOT is more than a graphic

There’s a big SWOT graveyard somewhere on the internet that’s filled with fancy looking SWOTs that died after a day or two.  SWOTs are more than just design.  They are a meeting of minds across a team of people, pulled together from their individual perspectives, and distilled into an agreed-upon strategy.  A great SWOT is simple, but has a lot of thought and detail behind it to back up the statements.  A SWOT should also be current at all times, or it will end up in the SWOT graveyard

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A lot of Operations Teams use Plexie for their SWOTs.  Signup, grab out SWOT template, then invite your teammates to your workspace.