How to Take More Effective Notes

So many students use Plexie for note taking.  We asked one of our student-users to write a guest blog about her experience. Here’s what she has to say…

As a college student at San Diego State University, I have found my coursework is increasingly online. As a result, I find myself transitioning from handwritten notes to taking notes on my laptop in order to keep material in digital form and avoid the hassle of paper notes, notebooks and printing. I have been wanting to make this transition to digital notes but have struggled to find an online platform that makes the switch worthwhile. Over the last several years I have used a few products, searching for something that allowed me to easily take creative notes. I found Notability hard to use on a computer and time consuming for fast-paced lectures. GoogleDocs lacked the organization and visual appeal I sought for note taking. Same for Evernote. Frustrated I would end up resorting back to paper notes. I was looking for a note taking platform that was: 

  • Visual – I like to make my notes visual so they are easier to study from and remember. 
  • Fast and Easy – Lectures are fast-paced. Taking notes needs to be as easy as possible. 
  • Organized – I want to be able to organize my notes as they make sense to me. I don’t want to have a single stream of text down the page, this makes studying impossible! 

Finally, after noticing someone in class taking colorful notes arranged in cards across the screen of their laptop, I discovered Plexie. Below I have highlighted the reasons Plexie has worked for my online note taking when so many other platforms have not 

Color Makes Everything Clearer 

I really like being able to use color to make content both standout and as a way to visually organize information. 


Cards and Pages Help Organize Notes

Cards are a really powerful addition to my notes. 


  • I can create a separate card with just one important point I want to stand out.
  • I can easily create, move around, and resize cards by adding new pages  
  • I can organize notes by chapter, topic, or lecture. 


Pictures, Movies, Web Pages Enhance Notes 

Plexie has made it really easy for me to include all types of content in my notes. References to articles, web pages, YouTube movies, pictures, all make my notes easy to study from and to recall information on exams. 

It is easy to copy and paste in images, or insert downloaded material into the Plexie so everything is in one place. 

I can Insert a graph from a textbook or lecture slide right into my notes. 


Easy Sharing with Friends

For group projects it is easy to collaborate with everyone on one document.  


  • I can fill out study guides and study collaboratively with other students 
  • I can let others change or just view my notes 


Plexie has been fun to use. Lectures are easier and studying less stressful. Taking notes is just part of the puzzle, but it helps to get a good start. 

Tell your friends, teachers and co-workers about Plexie.  It’s always free for students, individuals and small teams.  Sign up for free today by clicking on the Get Started button!