Improving Productivity: A Case Study

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After giving Plexie and its built-in Marketing templates a chance last summer, we caught up with a small business to get their thoughts on the collaborative software. While they offered a stellar product, their team was largely disconnected – their spreadsheets, marketing material, and other business assets were stored on different platforms. Their disorganization impacted their productivity and day-to-day efforts.

They knew they needed one platform to keep track and manage their content, projects, and to better collaborate with one another, but how? 

The Approach

Prior to discovering Plexie, the team struggled to keep track and collaborate efficiently.

“It was hard to collaborate and track anything! We spent more time trying to keep track of everything than actually completing the work that needed to be done. The worst was that we were beginning to forget where to find content, and what we did find was often out of date.”

They needed a solution that inspired engagement among the team and clientele, and also store content, organize, and complete tasks more efficiently.

That’s when they switched over to Plexie. 

“I wanted to spend our budget and time on real marketing matters, not just on a comprehensive marketing system. What I liked off the bat about Plexie is that if offered marketing templates that were customizable to meet our brand. It’s even great for creating and sharing client resource Plexie’s with our clientele. It’s professional looking and easy to put together.”

Asked what their favorite templates were, they replied 


1. Event Planner

Planning an event is stressful as is, trying to communicate the changes and updates in an email thread is even more of a headache. 

The template helped keep everyone on the same page. It starts with the brief overview of the event with appropriate links and resources posted. Then, it details the Team’s contact information and the assignments.

What’s most convenient is that it’s accessible on mobile and tablets too – whether we’re in our office, on a place or on the go – the whole team has the game plan accessible. 

2. Content Library

I still remember the day we moved all of our marketing material into one content library accessible to the whole team. It was refreshing to not have to ask where material was stored and who had the latest copy! Now we all had the latest copy. 

This simple but imperative move made it easy to build out client resource Plexie’s for clients and share up-to-date marketing materials. 

3. Customer Persona

We had scribbled notes about who are targeted audience was, who we envisioned them to be – but we hadn’t put in the real time and effort into it. The Customer Persona template guided the team on what we should be researching and considering. 

Being able to collaborate on the same Plexie, provide our input and thoughts helped us keep our vision, goals, and strategies aligned. 

"With Plexie, I’m able to manage tasks, the team, and the projects I need to complete."

“With Plexie, I’m able to manage tasks, the team, and the projects I need to complete. With the marketing templates, we were able to quickly customize and get to work.” Users can keep their workspaces and Plexies private, can share them with the team, and create reference portals for their clients.

Once the team migrated their content to Plexie, their productivity increased significantly.

“Within just a few weeks of moving our work into Plexie, I noticed a significant increase in productivity! I couldn’t be prouder of my team – we collaborate effectively, we’ve stayed on top of all of our work and even begun to complete tasks ahead of deadlines.”

Signing up for free allows your team to get started but the PRO plan gives users access to premium templates, commenting and review features, and other notable highlights.

“After a couple of months of trying Plexie, we upgraded and haven’t turned back! Plexie is cost efficient, offers fantastic support, and they even demoed and helped us customize our team templates. I’m grateful and I recommend it to all small businesses.”