Introducing Page Designer

Plexie is proud to announce a collection of new features that we call the ‘Page Designer’. It enables authors to create more compelling and varied content than you could before.

Here is an example of the type of pages you can now create:

Example Page Built with Page Designer

The Page Designer release also contains a few changes that you will notice right away like the addition of a new toolbar – the Section Toolbar – that will enable you to add background images and colors to your Plexies. We have also included some other important changes like a new toolbar for cards and the ability to display your content in new and varied ways using the Section Properties Panel.

For all the details please see the full Release Notes.

Page Designer Gallery

More Examples of Pages Built Using Page Designer













If your excited about these new features and want some help getting started using the page designer here is a How-To Guide.

If you enjoy the new Page Designer, or if you have any suggestions, make sure to let us know in the in-app chat! Go to your Workspaces to check it out!

If you’ve never used Plexie, sign up now and use it for free!