Page Designer Release Notes



The Page Designer is a major release and contains changes both big and small that we hope will improve your experience when using Plexie.

Change List:

  1. New Card Toolbar
  2. Sections
    1. Section Toolbar
    2. Section Properties Panel
  3. Added Tooltips for Floating Action Button and Toolbars

New Card Toolbar

We added a new toolbar that will be easier to use and more intuitive than the current overflow menus we have today. It replaces the header of the card like this:

Card Toolbar


Sections allow users to create more varied designs and to give you more control over the presentation of your pages.

A Section is delineated by a black line as shown below:

Section Selection

The section and section toolbar allow you to style the selected region of the page. This includes things like adding background colors, background images, and changing the styles of cards. More options will be added in the future to give you more control over the look and feel of your pages.

Section Toolbar

The Section Toolbar is the mechanism you use to control a Section. It has the following parts:

  • Drag to Move Section
    • Use this to move Sections vertically around the page either above or below other page sections
  • Duplicate Section
    • This duplicates the section creating an identical copy at the bottom of the page
  • Section Properties
    • This button opens and closes the Section Properties Panel
  • Delete Section
    • This button is used to delete the Section

Section Properties Panel

The Section Properties Panel is where the presentation of a given Section is configured.

Here is an example of how the Section Properties Panel will look when used:

Section Properties

Section fill color

This adds a color background to the Section. It displays on top of the image when used allowing you to overlay the image if needed (to make it easier to make text legible on top of an image). It includes a Color picker, Hex selector, and Opacity control.

Section fill media

This adds a background image to the Section. You can replace the image, delete the image, select the area of the section which is filled, and align the image so that you can control which part of the image is visible in the background (if the image is a different size than the Section).

Default Card Properties

Today all cards have a border and header. This works when you want your cards to appear like actual cards. But in cases where you want to use cards to organize and layout content you may prefer not to have borders around the cards. We have included two options in this release:

  • Card – the typical card layout with borders delineating the cards. This is the default style.
  • Clear – no borders, or shadows are shown around the card allowing it to blend into the page seamlessly.

Grid Settings

  • Extra top and bottom spacing for sections
    • This adds additional padding between sections

We have included some additional instructions to help you create beautiful pages here Page Designer – How To.


Lastly we have added tooltips to all button icons in the editor to better help with useability.