Provide More Value at Your Next Event

As a new gardener, I recently took a ½-day “Gardening 101” class at a local Botanical Garden. I learned about soil amendment, the best plants for my area, how to build a maintenance routine, and more. It was a great event with a prominent horticulturalist who provided a lecture and guided walk through the garden.

I was handed a folder with 5 pages related to the class. I looked through it and filed it away somewhere. And, that was it…the event was over.

This was a missed opportunity. 

Today, education departments need to provide a better learning experience.  Using paper is expensive, limited and definitely not green. Even emailing PowerPoints and PDF’s is considered old-school by the modern learner. A follow-up email with links and attachments really isn’t a resource either.

If you want to be a resource to the community, you need to provide a modern digital experience. That means a website-like environment that is rich with content that your learners will come back to over and over again. This creates lasting value for your learners, which in turn drives future class signups, memberships, and community involvement.

Click on the picture below to see an example.  This was easily created using Plexie:

Click on the image above for an example

Notice three key differences to what you may be doing today:

Provide More Depth

Your instructors can’t cover enough during a class. To be a lasting resource, your education Plexies need to provide more depth from the instructor, to include embedded videos and documents, and links to other content. You may also want to expand on topic areas that there wasn’t enough time to cover.

This transforms your event into an authoritative guide and makes you a part of the learner’s journey. With Plexie, you can delve deep into splitting begonia tubers, planting depth for tulips and growing evergreens in containers. And, of course, you will also want to provide an ongoing list of other classes you provide!

Keep Enhancing

Your education Plexie doesn’t have to be static, either! You should continue to improve it for future events and update prior course attendees forever.

This can be done with the instructor and/or other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This is a great way to collaborate with volunteers and give high-end instructors a platform to share their expertise. You may even decide to let them promote their book or other materials on the Plexie. Do it right and SME’s will be lining up to do your next event!

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere, with Anything.

Imagine one of your members at a garden center, trying to remember what their instructor said was the most disease resistant rose. They pull out their iPhone and go to the Gardening 101 Plexie and get the answer.

This is the very essence of being a resource.

Your education Plexies are accessible anytime from anywhere on any device. All you and your team need to worry about is the content. Plexie handles the technology for you.

But it must be Easy!!!

Example Plexie

Of course, none of this happens if it isn’t easy for you and your team!

You can easily create a Plexie for every event you have. No programming or web design skills are needed to create something engaging and beautiful. Plus, you can create templates to reuse and create new Plexies in minutes.

Plexie is developed by one of the oldest and most respected names in the training software industry, Xyleme. Having worked with the largest organizations in the world, the Plexie team knows what’s required for performance, scalability and security.

Plexie is free for individuals and small teams like your Education Department. Click HERE or go to and try it today!