Introducing Smart Tables:
Plexie's New Task Management Tool

While Plexie is already known as a collaborative content management tool for teams, Smart Tables takes task management to a whole new level. Here’s how it works, what they’re used for, and how Smart Tables strengthens Plexie’s overall user experience.

How do Smart Tables work? What are they used for?

Plexie Smart Tables manage activities, task lists, events, product development, and more. Smart Tables are easy-to-use and customizable to user’s needs. 

Taking traditional task management tools like Excel further, Smart Tables eliminates complexity with user-friendly color-coding, numbering, pick-list fields, drag-and-drop, and other innovative, organizational features. 

How Smart Tables strengthens Plexie user's experience

With Smart Tables, Plexie now offers a unique advantage not seen among other platforms – a visually rich and engaging experience combined with powerful project and task management features. 

On Plexie, you can create an account to manage content, projects, and collaborate with teams. Signing up for free allows your team to get started and the PRO plan gives users access to premium templates, commenting and review features, and other notable highlights. 

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