What is a Business Case?


Your organization has big goals.  You and your team can contribute towards achieving them in a significant way.  But, you just don't have the resources to do it!

You need to do a Business Case!

A Business Case provides the justification to use organization resources on your new project.  You need money, time, and staff that is currently being used elsewhere.  Your Business Case explains in detail why your project deserves those resources.  Share it with your executives and get what you need.

Read on and learn how to get approval for your project 

How will you compel your executives to allocate resources to your project?

You need resources. You could write a boring document, create some slides and spreadsheets, then put them all in an email and hope someone makes sense of your project. But, that's a good way to blend in, lose attention…and lose your project!

Business Case

Keep it simple and accessible

Today, executives simply don't have the time or attention to read a 20+ page document. If that's what you give them, your Business Case won't be read. You need to make it convenient and easy for them. First, make it easy to review anywhere, including a smartphone. Second, make it scan-able. People don't read...they skim. Of course, you need to embed or link to the detailed source files in case the executive wants the details. But, don't let those details drown out the primary points you want to make.

Make it engaging

Make no mistake, your Business Case is also a sales document. You need to grab your executive's attention and keep it. For example, a video or picture of a customer can connect your request to something that matters. An embedded graph says more than paragraphs of text. Use color to break up key sections of your Business Case. The list goes on. Use your creativity and make your Business Case unforgettable!

Collaborate and tell a story

By the time you write your Business Case, you and your team have put a lot of thought into your project. Have your team contribute to key sections of the Business Case. They will take ownership in the project and begin to build the buzz. You could even share previews with your Executives and solicit feedback. Your Business Case is a story with a flow, characters and a result!

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SWOT analysis  is a simple way to make strategic plans.  It is designed to “set the stage” and align teams to the four core concepts of “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats” related to your initiative.  Below is one of our templates with common elements:

SWOT is More than a Graphic

There's a big SWOT graveyard somewhere on the internet that's filled with fancy looking SWOTs that died after a day or two.  SWOTs are more than just design.  They are a meeting of minds across a team of people, pulled together from their individual perspectives, and distilled into an agreed-upon strategy.  A great SWOT is simple, but has a lot of thought and detail behind it to back up the statements.  A SWOT should also be current at all times, or it will end up in the SWOT graveyard.

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Following these simple guidelines will get your SWOT off to a great start. Sign up for Plexie, grab a template, and get started on your SWOT today!