Brainstorm with Your Remote Team

Brainstorm with your Remote Team​ Business now sees the clear benefits of remote work now that the COVID-19 crisis pushed people out of the office.  We have proven that many people can work at home and, in fact, are more productive.  Combine this with lower office rent, ability to tap into an international labor pool, […]

How to write a Business Case

How to write a Business Case (Template Included) What is a Business Case? Your organization has big goals.  You and your team can contribute towards achieving them in a significant way.  But, you just don’t have the resources to do it! You need to do a Business Case! A Business Case provides the justification to […]

How to make a SWOT Analysis

How to make a SWOT Analysis Use our SWOT Template for Free! SWOT analysis  is a simple way to make strategic plans.  It is designed to “set the stage” and align teams to the four core concepts of “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats” related to your initiative.  Below is one of our templates with common elements: […]