The New Improved Layout Engine



The Plexie team have been working hard and just released a new, more versatile layout engine.

While you might notice some cool things about it right off the bat, our new engine will really shine as we continue to build upon it in future updates, allowing for more versatile and configurable layouts, better collaboration
features, improved performance and just a more intuitive creation experience overall. We’ll keep you updated as new stuff becomes available.

One of the most immediate improvements that you can take advantage of is being able to resize your Cards from both the left and right, as well as both bottom corners, making it easier than ever to get the layout that you want. We think it’s a bit more intuitive and easier to use on a smaller screens like a laptop.

If you enjoy the new grid, or if you have any suggestions, make sure to let us know in the in-app chat! Go to your Workspaces to check it out!

If you’ve never used Plexie, sign up now and use it for free!