Transform Your Notes into Knowledge


Keep your notes organized, on the fly.

Plexie can help you turn your hastily-taken notes into a beautiful body of work to reinforce knowledge for yourself, a study group, or any audience.

Taking notes during a session can be haphazard providing less value when you need them later. By using Plexie to take your notes, you can keep things organized, even while you’re focused on the session happening in front of you. Separate content visually and use a simple organizational model for your pages to keep things sane when you need to intake a lot of information quickly.

Taking Rough Notes

Build knowledge as a group

Invite others to collaborate on your notes and pages. Partnering to create your notes with a group will help make them more comprehensive, diverse, and well-informed.  Utilize the Channels feature to keep your writings and other content organized as you continue to create and refine.

Create a beautiful body of work.

Write, collaborate, and transform your notes into a body of work by adding images, videos, documents, spreadsheets, and even presentations. Refining and transforming your notes helps to retain the knowledge gained from them while creating an impressive result for your efforts.

Get started with Plexie for free today and empower yourself and your study group to make the most out of the information that you’ve been provided.

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