Create Newsletters

Create awesome newsletters that inform and inspire. 

Write for your readers, not their email and security filters

Spam filters, security restrictions and email AI are making email newsletters a thing of the past. Instead of writing to avoid those traps, create the content your readers want.

Check out our Infographic on how to write newsletters

Attachments not wanted. Links not needed. Embed what your readers want!

Plexie newsletters let you embed valuable resources like presentations, movies, and documents. Give your readers everything they need right there in your newsletter.

Read about other challenges of email newsletters…and what to do about them!

Captivate your readers with your best newsletter ever!

Plexie lets you create beautiful newsletters that capture and hold your readers attention. Strengthen your brand with a richer experience.


Newsletters that last forever

Give readers access to your old newsletters. Organize them however you like. Let your readers search for old content. With Plexie, your newsletters will be a lasting resource.

In a bus, on a train, on your deck?

Sure! Plexie newsletters are automatically adaptive to any device, letting your readers use them anywhere. Unlike email newsletters, Plexies look awesome everywhere.

So easy, you'll do more!

Plexie is so easy to learn and use. Collaborate with your team and share the writing. Use our newsletter templates, or make your own.