How to: Sharing and Inviting

Connect your ideas with people

Share with Others Not Using Plexie

Use a Share Link. This can be given to anyone and gives them read-only access to the Plexie. They can only view that specific Plexie and are not in your workspace. They just see what looks like a web page. They can see all the pages in that Plexie, but nothing else.

Invite People into Your Workspace

If you want to work collaborative with others, so you can all see and work on content together, invite them into your workspace. Use the Team Plexies area to share content with everyone in your workspace, keep personal Plexies private in the Private Plexies area.

Share a Personal Plexie with Individuals in your Workspace

Have a Plexie you want to share with only specific individuals in your workspace? You don’t want to put it in the Team Plexies area where everyone can see it. Create the Plexie in your Personal Plexies area, then share the Plexie with individuals in your workspace. They will be able to view and edit with you, but only with the individual Plexies you share with them.

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