FAQs and Common Questions

Here are some of the top questions asked by users. Need more help? Contact us using the help bubble at the bottom right of your screen


What is a Workspace, Plexie, Card?

A Workspace is where you can create and collaborate on your content. It is where all your Plexies are stored, organized and created. Invite others to your Workspace so that they can collaborate with you.

A Plexie is a collection of Pages where you will create and share your content. Pages contain Cards which are where you'll actually do your writing and creating.

What can I make with Plexie?
Plexies bring your ideas to life and let you collaborate and create with others. People use Plexie to organize teams, manage plans and campaigns, create reference and training material and a world of other things. Get ideas from our Example Gallery or create your own.
What is the best browser to use with Plexie?

For desktop users, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome for optimal performance. Other browsers will work, but you may notice unusual or unexpected behavior. For mobile users, Plexie supports all popular mobile browsers.

How do I use emoji’s in Plexie and where can I use them?

Emojis can be added anywhere you type text. This can include Plexie names, Pages, or text in your cards. See some cool example of using emoji's. To insert an emoji:

WindowsWindows-Key + ; (semi-colon) or Windows-Key + . (period) to open your emoji keyboard.
MacControl + Command + Space bar (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201586)

Does Plexie Support Markdown?

Plexie supports basic formatting markdown.
Block formatting
The following block formatting options are available:

Bulleted list – Start a line with * or - followed by a space.
Numbered list – Start a line with 1. or 1) followed by a space.
Headings – Start a line with # or ## or ### followed by a space to create a heading 1, heading 2 or heading 3 (up to heading 6).
Block quote – Start a line with > followed by a space.

Inline formatting
The following inline formatting options are available:

Bold – Type **text** or __text__,
Italic – Type *text* or _text_,
Code – Type `text`.
Is my data private, is Plexie secure??

Your data is completely private. You have complete control over the privacy of your data. You can keep it private, you can choose to share certain Plexies and not others. If you choose to share content you can chose to allow viewing or editing  collaboratively with others. The Plexie platform is highly secure. The platform was built from the ground up with security in mind. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Session management uses encrypted secure keys and our platform employs continuous active threat monitoring.

How do I add pictures and videos to my Plexies?

You can easily add pictures to your Plexies using whatever method is most convenient for you. Detailed examples can be on our support page How to Add Media to Plexies:

  • Copy and paste or drag-and-drop from another application
  • Select a file from your computer by clicking the "+" sign in a card and selecting the Insert Media button
  • Copy the image link from a website and paste it into your text
How do I embed a video or web page into a Plexie? How do I add these as a link if I don't want them embedded?

Plexie allows you to copy the web address (URL) of a website or a video (such as YouTube or Vimeo) and paste it directly into Plexie. Plexie will embed it with a viewer ready to play the video or view the website. This allows you to create some pretty cool content! If you don't want the viewer embedded just hit Control-Z after you paste the link and the viewer will be replaced with a text link.

How do I embed a YouTube video into a Plexie?

Copy the web address (URL) from your browser address bar and simply paste the link into Plexie. The video will be embedded with a viewer. Note, you do not need to use YouTube embed code.

How much does Plexie cost?

Plexie is completely free to use. Really! If you need advanced features or have large teams, you can upgrade to a  paid plan.

Is there student pricing?

While Plexie is already free, students with a valid university email address will also have access to advanced (pay) features of Plexie at no cost.


How do I invite others to work with me on a Plexie?

There are a variety of ways to share a Plexie with others. There are two basic things to consider: 1. Do you want the user to just view or also be able to edit with you? 2. Do you want the person in your Workspace or do you just want them to view your Plexie from the outside? This overview of sharing can help guide you to share Plexies with others.

I invited someone to my Workspace but they don’t see anything?

This is most likely because there are no Plexies in the Team Plexies area. You may have created Plexies in your Personal Plexies area in which case you can move them into the Team Plexies area. You can also leave personal Plexies private and just share it with individuals. This overview of sharing can help guide you to share Plexies with others.

How can I share a Plexie so it can only be viewed and not changed?

Share a public link with users who you want to view  your content but not change it. These users don't have to be Plexie users, they can be anyone. They will see your Plexie as if it were a web page. They can view it and see all the pages, but not edit them. They also will not be in your workspace nor have access to any other content.

Can I be part of more than one Workspace?

Yes. You can create additional Workspaces or be invited to join other Workspaces. To create a new Workspace or switch Workspaces, use the Workspace drop-down in the upper left corner of the home screen.

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