Inspiration: Using Images as Section Backgrounds

Make your Plexie look Amazing

...with just a few simple steps

Step 1:

Click the section settings gear. You can change the settings for each section you create.

Step 2:

You can fill your section with a color or an image. We will use an image. Click the toggle for Section fill: media, then click Upload.

Get Started

Step 3:

Either choose a file to upload or drag the file into the box. Once uploaded click Set Image as Background. You can You can also paste in a URL, or select an image you’ve already uploaded to Plexie. 

Step 4

You can make your cards clear so they blend into the background better.

Step 5:

Click the “Section fill: color” toggle to change the opacity of the background image. Increasing the opacity softens the image so your text will stand out. 

Viola...You Did It!

Using these techniques you can quickly transform "boring" into "amazing." Try it and get ready to become a rock star!

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