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Built-in Knowledge Base/Wiki Templates

Create now free with Plexie’s built-in templates. 

Build a knowledge base for your product or service

Built-In Knowledge Base Templates

The first step to building a wiki, reference page, or portal is a detailed and well-organized system. Get started with our built-in templates so you and your team can collaborate, make room for transparency, and better manage projects. 

Develop your knowledge base with Plexie – Free.


Empower your team with collaboration. Provide clarity , making everyone more effective, confident, and get more done in the same amount of time. 


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Whether you’re in front of a computer or on the go, your team can enjoy a seamless experience from anywhere.

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Publish & Share 

Develop meaningful wikis efficiently by collaborating in real-time with your team and all involved. Don’t miss key details by inviting and sharing with your team so they can revise, monitor, view and comment. 

Embed Everything

Quickly embed your documents in a variety of file formats and videos. Then, share your content with your team by adding them to your workspace or sending them a Plexie URL link.

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