Plexie solves your biggest
Knowledge Base and Wiki challenges...

Capture knowledge quickly. Organize it the way you want.

Use our templates or create your own. Invite your experts to capture knowledge and collaborate. Embed everything in the, diagrams, slides, etc.

Keep it current and organized

Your knowledge base must be kept current to stay useful. Live link to content on Google, YouTube and others. Plexie's card system makes it easy to re-organize content. Have users identify changes so you can quickly update.

Make it Accessible

Processes need to be accessed from anywhere on any device. Plexie automatically makes your content usable on mobile, tablets, and computers. There's nothing you need to do.

Engage the User

Getting your user to use your processes is vital. Endless lists and texts don't work. Make your processes easily searchable and browsable, while making them a pleasure to use.

Business process on iPhone

Keep it Simple

Plexies are easy to create and use. Plexie is secure and fast. We make it easy to start small and build on your success!!

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