Take Better Notes

You notes become more creative and powerful with Plexie.  Collaborate and share them with others.

Grab a Template. Type like Crazy!

Just sat down for class? Grab our Cornell Notes template. Having an impromptu meeting? Start with a blank Plexie. Does your Board of Directors require Robert’s Rules of Order? There’s a Plexie template for that, too!

Take better notes

Woman Looking at Laptop

Review and Organize

Embed supporting documents, slides, pictures, videos, live links, and more. Reorganize into meaningful formats. Step by step, chronological, easy to hard…whatever works for you!


Make your Notes Memorable

Engaging notes are used and remembered. Add images and color that make your notes stick. Highlight key concepts and add whitespace for easy browsing.


Collaborate and Share!

Take group notes and review together. Give your meeting minutes to your board prior to the next meeting. Students share with classmates and learn more together.

Collaboration Tips Infographic