Plexie for Operations Teams

Plexie let’s Operations teams collaborate on new initiatives, build strategies and track projects.  

Business process steps

Document a Process

Whether you need procedures, how-to’s or detailed SOP’s, Plexie lets you create process documentation that is available from any device.  Efficiency increases and errors evaporate as your team consistently performs vital tasks.

Clear and Beautiful SWOTs Use them for everything

In any endeavor, it is important to first know the environment that will help or hurt you.  SWOT Analysis lets you consider those from both an internal and external perspective.  SWOT provides a level of strategic consideration that lets you organize your team’s thoughts for better positioning and decision making.  Plexie’s SWOT templates make it easy to gather your teams perspectives on projects related to product enhancements, supply chain changes, staffing requirements and more

SWOT Analysis

Create Mission Statements Collaboratively

Our world demands flexibility and rapid change. This makes your Mission Statement more important than ever. Plexie lets you create your Mission Statement in a collaborative way, keep it up to date, and have supporting materials so it becomes your “touchstone” for all your decisions. With the right collaboration and regular review, your organization can rapidly adapt to change with the assurance that your Mission Statement is followed over the long term.

Business Cases that Sell your Ideas

Business Cases are internal sales documents.  You have an idea that will help your organization achieve its goals.  Don’t bore your leaders with 20-page documents.  Instead, use Plexie to create engaging stories that advance your ideas!

Effective and Efficient. That's Operations with Plexie!