Family Albums

Gather Information and Write about Your Family

Family records come from everywhere.  You find history records on  You discover new relatives through census records.  A distant cousin sends you a homesteading document from a long-lost relative.  Your grandmother tells you great stories about her crazy Aunt Rosie. 

Family history is a combination of documents, pictures, video, narratives and more.  Keep track of everything in a central Plexie so you and your family can bring together all of the disparate pieces of information.  

Organize your Family History, Break Through the Noise

Cards hold your family details. Arrange and rearrange them on distinctive Pages.  Organize by generation, family branch…whatever you decide.  Invite new family members to add their discoveries to build a more comprehensive picture.  Keep it up to date as you discover more!

Make it an Awesome Family Website

Turn your family Plexie into an awesome looking website.  Share it with anyone to gain their interest and make them part of the fun and history!

Let your creativity run wild!

Plexie is always Free for Individuals and Families. Start getting your Family History Organized!

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