Plexie for Game Storyboarding

Cool Ideas, New Worlds, Innovative Games

Brainstorm, organize and develop your game ideas. Plexie is creative, like you. Plexie is the fastest way to get your ideas on paper. Plexie works the way you do.


Capture your Ideas

Capture all the details of your worlds, your characters, game play and your story. Include text, sketches, pictures, movies, examples from other games and much more.

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Develop your Designs

Build out your characters and scenes, while keeping track of the big picture. Drag and drop to change the flow, or change text for rapid updates to your design.

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Collaborate and Share with your Team

Invite others to your workspace to get feedback or help build out the details. Get your game storyboard perfect before you lock it down and start development.

Join us, and start getting the most out of your ideas