Your job is to connect with your prospects as technical equals.  You are experienced in the industry, and you know your product inside out.  You listen, you understand, and you align your product or service to the prospect's exact needs.  

How do you make that connection?  Through disjointed emails and attachments?  Or, do you send links to confusing and ugly file shares?  That's what everyone else is doing.  

Set yourself apart. Create a custom Plexie for every prospect!

Plexies are easy-to-create custom websites to engage each of your prospects

Use our templates or create your own.

Build Real Value

Let your prospects know you are listening to them. You understand what they need and how to give it to them. It's time to remove the marketing fluff that got your prospect in the door. With Plexie, you can tune your message to their specific needs. Everything they need can go in the custom Plexie you create for them.

Make it Personal

Use Plexie to “speak” to your prospect. Use specific language to tie your product or service directly to what your prospect wants. Collaborate with them and make them part of the process. Include their branding, use their names, and quote their team member in the Plexie you create for them. Personalization is easy with Plexie.

Become their Trusted Resource

Your connection with a prospect should be bigger than your product or service. Educating them on your industry, current topics, and technical details makes you an invaluable resource to them. Doing this builds trust and confidence in you and your solution. Plexie lets you embed documents and videos, share live links to helpful blog posts, embed or link to demo recordings and other applications.

Make it emotional

People buy based on emotion, then justify their decision with facts. The subtle use of colors, imagery and modern design invoke the emotions that make them want to buy from you. Plexie makes it easy to inspire your prospects. Embed a picture that solidifies a key message. Use pages that move the sales process forward to the next step.

Your Prospects Are Going to Love This!

(And so will you!)