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Are you tired of inflexible tools that force unrealistic processes on your team? Want to manage instead of learn tools? We understand, we’re software developers too and we created Plexie to make managing software easy and fun. (Yes, we did say fun!)

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Creating lists, tables, issues and reports. These can only go so far. Building software is a creative process. Managing software teams is more than following a rigid process. Bring your software process to life with Plexie. Plexie is simple and flexible and can support your process the way you want it. Stop wasting time making your tools do what you want and start using Plexie!


Keep the big picture in mind. Plexie is highly visual. Include mock ups, movies, and embedded applications in your Plexies. This allows your teams to stay engaged and aligned as you grow your application and development team. 


User Stories, UX designs, architecture reviews, product roadmaps, Scrums, Kanban boards, backlogs, release schedules. Describe, share and collaborate with your team across all these areas with a flexible tool that anyone can use.


Plexie is like no other tool you have used before. It brings the familiarity of a comfortable document editor together with the ability to create a visually engaging picture of your current status, plans, schedules or roadmaps. And it was built from the ground up to support easy and powerful team collaboration.  

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