Plexie for Team and Personal Wiki's

Write and Put Context in Your Work

Plexie provides a central workspace for you and/or your team to bring together all of the disparate pieces of your work into a cohesive wiki, keeping the big picture clear for everyone involved. Write your narratives, pull in your videos, websites, spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more, to keep your wiki in-context and relevant.

Organize your Wiki, Break Through the Noise

Cards hold your content. Arrange and rearrange them on distinctive Pages to keep your wiki organized. Collaborate with your team to divide up the work. Quickly adapt it to changing needs.

Make Your Wiki Stand Out

Plexie allows you to create an awesome visual wiki. This drives adoption…and is fun, too! Create beautiful and immersive Wiki pages to influence others quickly and easily. Let your creativity run wild!

Join us, and start getting the most out of your ideas