Plexie for Team Collaboration

Focus on What Matters &
Become a Better Team

Plexie helps teams learn and get work done by being an open and collaborative space where it’s easy to create and get organized.

Maintain Context in Your Work

Plexie provides a central workspace for you and your team to bring together all of the disparate pieces of your work into a cohesive whole, keeping the big picture clear for everyone involved.

Pull in your videos, websites, spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more, to keep your work in-context and relevant.

Break Through the Noise, Work on What Matters

From building Blocks, to distinctive Pages, to themed Channels, bring together and organize your content into meaningful pieces that are easy to find and work with.

Make Your Work Stand Out

Plexie helps your team remove silos from your organization by being open and enabling natural collaboration between teammates.

Create beautiful and immersive content to influence others quickly and easily.

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