Plexie for Sales Enablement

Engage Your Audience

Using a new type of sales resource, a powerful web portal that allows you to communicate more effectively and persuasively with prospects

A New Digital Experience for Sales

Plexie serves as a home for each of your sales processes, bringing important sales material, contracts, presentations and communications together in a visually engaging, interactive experience.


A single place to share material and interact with your prospect. Rather than having to search through emails, documents or notes, Plexie serves as the central location for everything related to your sale.


Plexie allows you to keep the big picture in mind with your prospect. As they develop their buying vision, Plexie helps keep all your sales material and conversations in context.


Plexie is interactive. You and your prospect can work together to add or modify content, so Plexie accurately represents where you are in the sale and organizes all of your important presentations, documents and web pages in one place.


An easy way to create individual experiences for each prospect, rather than having to use the exact same content, in the same way, for every prospect.

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