Privacy Policy

Effective February 1, 2019

This Privacy Policy outlines the data Plexie collects, how we use and disclose it and your choices with respect to this information.

In this agreement, we use the term “Plexie” to refer to the entity or entity within Plexie that act either as data controller or data processor for applicable data.

As a rule, no data collected or covered in this agreement is ever shared with any parties outside Plexie and its affiliates.

Privacy Policy Coverage

This Privacy Policy applies to the Plexie platform, including both mobile and desktop versions ( the “Services”), websites used by the Plexie platform (the “Websites”) and other ways in which you may interact with Plexie including customer support, forums, user groups, conferences and other channels.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third-party applications or software that integrates with the Services through Plexie (“Third Party Services”), or any third-party products, services or businesses. For the purposes of this agreement, the processing of any content, images, media, files, message or other content through Services accounts will be referred to as “Customer Data”. The entity that entered into the Customer Agreement (“Customer”) controls their instance of the Services (their “Workspace”) and any associated Customer Data.

Agreement with Terms

By using any of our Services, Websites or engaging in business of any type with Plexie, you agree to the terms of this document. If you do not agree with these terms, do not access or use the Services, Websites or engage with any of Plexie’s businesses.

Customers and Users

Customer is the organization or entity you represent in agreeing to the Plexie Terms of Service agreement. If you are not affiliated with an organization, Customer is the individual creating the workspace covered by this Agreement. There can only be one customer and it is either an organization or individual.

If you signed up for Plexie using a corporate or organizational email, that company or organization is the Customer and they legally will control the workspaces and user accounts created using their email domain.

Invited User is an individual invited to a Plexie workspace or to content stored on Plexie by a Customer. This could be an employee invited to Plexie with their company or organization as the Customer, it could also be an individual invited to a workspace by a friend who owns the workspace and is the Customer.

Authorized User is a term used to refer to both Customer and Invited Users, which is intended to represent anyone who can legally access the Plexie platform.

Information We Collect

Plexie collects certain data and also receives certain data from third parties. This data is provided to us in several ways:

Authorized User Data

When an Authorized User is granted access to any Plexie platform, certain data may be collected that is required to register, manage, provide improved or new services and communicate with the user. This data is not limited to, but may include the following:

  • First and last name 
  • Email address 
  • Password
  • Workspace name

Usage Data Collection

Plexie collects and logs a variety of data to help us maintain and improve our services. In some cases, this data is aggregated, in other cases it is not. Usage information we log includes:

  • Time and date of system access 
  • Approximate location from which access occurred 
  • Features of the platform used 
  • Third-party extensions and integrations used 
  • Content and associated meta data you decide to share with Plexie from third party applications 
  • Logs of platform usage including system and user events \
  • IP address
  • Referring web address
  • Browser version used to access the platform
  • Cookie data 

Other Data

You may provide Plexie with other data when you interact with our customer support team, our online forums, social media accounts, user conferences or other interaction channels.  

How We Use the Data

Controller and Processor

Customer is the data controller and Plexie the data processor. As such, Customer may provide, use and remove data in the course of using Plexie. It is understood that certain data is required to use the Platform and without such data, use of the platform is not possible. However, as the data controller, Customer is under no obligation to provide any data to Plexie. It is also understood that Customer may not have access to all usage data that is collected over time.

Provide and Secure Services

We use Customer Data to provide, maintain and update the Services. We also use this data to help secure our platform and to maintain compliance with our Acceptable Use policy.

Comply with Applicable Laws and Regulations

We use Customer Data to fulfill any legal or regulatory requirements that apply to Plexie as a company and a platform.

Improve and Provide New Services

We use Customer Data to help provide a more personalized experience when using the Plexie platform or interacting with us a company. We also use Customer Data to help us improve our Services and provide new Services. This includes analysis of product usage, third-party integrations used, devices used to access our Services and other Customer data both current and historical.

Communicate with You

We use Customer Data to communicate with your regarding customer service, technical issues, billing and financial matters or administrative issues. These communications are an essential part of our provision of the Services and our interaction with you and you may not opt out of them. We may also provide you with marketing communications, which you may opt out of at your discretion.

Data Retention

Data that is retained may be impacted by the following:

  • The types of Services and plans to which you subscribe  
  • The Services and third-party integrations you use

Upon termination of your use of Plexie Services or removal of your account, we will archive your data for a period of time, before actually deleting the data. This allows us to restore services and/or reconcile account related issues following account termination. Subsequently we will permanently delete Customer Data. However, we will retain certain information that is required to conduct audits, comply with legal obligations or conduct other legitimate business operation for as long as is necessary.

Data Sharing and Disclosure

Plexie attempts to limit data sharing as much as is possible. Certain features of the platform and interactions with other users and Plexie staff may require sharing of certain Customer Data.

Team Collaboration

Plexie is a team collaboration platform. As such, certain information must be shared among users to allow this collaboration. Below are examples of when such data is shared and the type of data that may be shared. This list is used to provide examples of sharing is not limited to items on this list:

  • Your email and user profile information may be shared with users you invite to a Workspace and to existing members of the Workspace
  • Your Workspace name and content created in a Workspace may be visible to all users in the Workspace
  • Customer will have access to Invited User profile data, email address and Workspace usage statistics

Third Party Products and Services

In order to use certain third-party products and services with the Plexie platform, we may share certain data with these services. The decision to use these services and share data is completely up to Customer and Authorized User and will not be shared without your choosing to use such third-party products and the Plexie platform

Corporate Affiliates, Change in Ownership

Plexie may share Customer Data with parent companies and/or subsidiaries. If Plexie engages in a merger, acquisition, sale, reorganization, dissolution, sale of all or part of its assets or stock, financing activity, public offering or similar transactions, some or all of Customer Data may be transferred as part of the transaction, subject to the privacy agreement of the receiving entity.

Customer Support and Billing

Selected personal information such as name, email address and workspace name may be shared with appropriate Plexie staff, in order to provide product technical support or billing and administrative issue. Other data may be shared for these and other services as required.

With Your Permission

We may share Customer Data that you have provided to us  and authorized us, in writing, to share with a third-party.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We may share Customer Data in order to comply with laws and regulations which require such data.

Enforcement of Acceptable Use, Security and Privacy 

We may use collected Customer Data to ensure users comply with our Acceptable Use policy, to maintain security and prevent abuse or malicious access to Plexie.

Security and Vulnerabilities

Plexie considers your data important and private. We also take security very seriously. We engage in a consistent, sustained and continuous efforts to ensure the security of our platform and your data. However, we understand technology and information processing has limitations and malicious users may find, create and exploit both known an as-of-yet unknown vulnerabilities. As such, we cannot guarantee that information you provide us is safe from interception during transmission or access when stored on our platform.

Data privacy and security Issues

If you have any questions or concerns about the Plexie Privacy Policy, please contact us at: 

Plexie – Data Privacy and Security
700 17th Street
Suite 1850
Denver, CO 80202