Privacy & Terms

Effective February 1, 2019

This Privacy Policy outlines the data Plexie collects, how we use and disclose it and your choices with respect to this information.

In this agreement, we use the term “Plexie” to refer to the entity or entity within Plexie that act either as data controller or data processor for applicable data.

As a rule, no data collected or covered in this agreement is ever shared with any parties outside Plexie and its affiliates.

Privacy Policy Coverage

This Privacy Policy applies to the Plexie platform, including both mobile and desktop versions ( the “Services”), websites used by the Plexie platform (the “Websites”) and other ways in which you may interact with Plexie including customer support, forums, user groups, conferences and other channels.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third-party applications or software that integrates with the Services through Plexie (“Third Party Services”), or any third-party products, services or businesses. For the purposes of this agreement, the processing of any content, images, media, files, message or other content through Services accounts will be referred to as “Customer Data”. The entity that entered into the Customer Agreement (“Customer”) controls their instance of the Services (their “Workspace”) and any associated Customer Data.

Agreement with Terms

By using any of our Services, Websites or engaging in business of any type with Plexie, you agree to the terms of this document. If you do not agree with these terms, do not access or use the Services, Websites or engage with any of Plexie’s businesses.

Customers and Users

Customer is the organization or entity you represent in agreeing to the Plexie Terms of Service agreement. If you are not affiliated with an organization, Customer is the individual creating the workspace covered by this Agreement. There can only be one customer and it is either an organization or individual.

If you signed up for Plexie using a corporate or organizational email, that company or organization is the Customer and they legally will control the workspaces and user accounts created using their email domain.

Invited User is an individual invited to a Plexie workspace or to content stored on Plexie by a Customer. This could be an employee invited to Plexie with their company or organization as the Customer, it could also be an individual invited to a workspace by a friend who owns the workspace and is the Customer.

Authorized User is a term used to refer to both Customer and Invited Users, which is intended to represent anyone who can legally access the Plexie platform.

Information We Collect

Plexie collects certain data and also receives certain data from third parties. This data is provided to us in several ways:

Authorized User Data

When an Authorized User is granted access to any Plexie platform, certain data may be collected that is required to register, manage, provide improved or new services and communicate with the user. This data is not limited to, but may include the following:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Workspace name
Usage Data Collection

Plexie collects and logs a variety of data to help us maintain and improve our services. In some cases, this data is aggregated, in other cases it is not. Usage information we log includes:

  • Time and date of system access
  • Approximate location from which access occurred
  • Features of the platform used
  • Third-party extensions and integrations used
  • Content and associated meta data you decide to share with Plexie from third party applications
  • Logs of platform usage including system and user events
  • IP address
  • Referring web address
  • Browser version used to access the platform
  • Cookie data
Other Data

You may provide Plexie with other data when you interact with our customer support team, our online forums, social media accounts, user conferences or other interaction channels.

How We Use the Data

Controller and Processor

Customer is the data controller and Plexie the data processor. As such, Customer may provide, use and remove data in the course of using Plexie. It is understood that certain data is required to use the Platform and without such data, use of the platform is not possible. However, as the data controller, Customer is under no obligation to provide any data to Plexie. It is also understood that Customer may not have access to all usage data that is collected over time.

Provide and Secure Services

We use Customer Data to provide, maintain and update the Services. We also use this data to help secure our platform and to maintain compliance with our Acceptable Use policy.

Comply with Applicable Laws and Regulations

We use Customer Data to fulfill any legal or regulatory requirements that apply to Plexie as a company and a platform.

Improve and Provide New Services

We use Customer Data to help provide a more personalized experience when using the Plexie platform or interacting with us a company. We also use Customer Data to help us improve our Services and provide new Services. This includes analysis of product usage, third-party integrations used, devices used to access our Services and other Customer data both current and historical.

Communicate with You

We use Customer Data to communicate with your regarding customer service, technical issues, billing and financial matters or administrative issues. These communications are an essential part of our provision of the Services and our interaction with you and you may not opt out of them. We may also provide you with marketing communications, which you may opt out of at your discretion.

Data Retention

Data that is retained may be impacted by the following:

  • The types of Services and plans to which you subscribe
  • The Services and third-party integrations you use

Upon termination of your use of Plexie Services or removal of your account, we will archive your data for a period of time, before actually deleting the data. This allows us to restore services and/or reconcile account related issues following account termination. Subsequently we will permanently delete Customer Data. However, we will retain certain information that is required to conduct audits, comply with legal obligations or conduct other legitimate business operation for as long as is necessary.

Data Sharing and Disclosure

Plexie attempts to limit data sharing as much as is possible. Certain features of the platform and interactions with other users and Plexie staff may require sharing of certain Customer Data.

Team Collaboration

Plexie is a team collaboration platform. As such, certain information must be shared among users to allow this collaboration. Below are examples of when such data is shared and the type of data that may be shared. This list is used to provide examples of sharing is not limited to items on this list:

  • Your email and user profile information may be shared with users you invite to a Workspace and to existing members of the Workspace
  • Your Workspace name and content created in a Workspace may be visible to all users in the Workspace
  • Customer will have access to Invited User profile data, email address and Workspace usage statistics
Third Party Products and Services

In order to use certain third-party products and services with the Plexie platform, we may share certain data with these services. The decision to use these services and share data is completely up to Customer and Authorized User and will not be shared without your choosing to use such third-party products and the Plexie platform

Corporate Affiliates, Change in Ownership

Plexie may share Customer Data with parent companies and/or subsidiaries. If Plexie engages in a merger, acquisition, sale, reorganization, dissolution, sale of all or part of its assets or stock, financing activity, public offering or similar transactions, some or all of Customer Data may be transferred as part of the transaction, subject to the privacy agreement of the receiving entity.

Customer Support and Billing

Selected personal information such as name, email address and workspace name may be shared with appropriate Plexie staff, in order to provide product technical support or billing and administrative issue. Other data may be shared for these and other services as required.

With Your Permission

We may share Customer Data that you have provided to us and authorized us, in writing, to share with a third-party.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We may share Customer Data in order to comply with laws and regulations which require such data.

Enforcement of Acceptable Use, Security and Privacy

We may use collected Customer Data to ensure users comply with our Acceptable Use policy, to maintain security and prevent abuse or malicious access to Plexie.

Security and Vulnerabilities

Plexie considers your data important and private. We also take security very seriously. We engage in a consistent, sustained and continuous efforts to ensure the security of our platform and your data. However, we understand technology and information processing has limitations and malicious users may find, create and exploit both known an as-of-yet unknown vulnerabilities. As such, we cannot guarantee that information you provide us is safe from interception during transmission or access when stored on our platform.

Data privacy and security Issues

If you have any questions or concerns about the Plexie Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Plexie – Data Privacy and Security
700 17th Street
Suite 1850
Denver, CO 80202

This agreement describes your rights and responsibilities when using the Plexie online collaboration platform. These terms cover your use of the platform as either a Customer or an Invited User, as defined below.

Customers and Users

Customer is the organization or entity you represent in agreeing to this Contract. If you are not affiliated with an organization, Customer is the individual creating the workspace covered by this Agreement. There can only be one customer and it is either an organization or individual.

If you signed up for Plexie using a corporate or organizational email, that company or organization is the Customer and they legally will control the workspaces and user accounts created using their email domain.

Invited User is an individual invited to a Plexie workspace or to content stored on Plexie by a Customer. This could be an employee invited to Plexie with their company or organization as the Customer, it could also be an individual invited to a workspace by a friend who owns the workspace and is the Customer. Invited User understands that control of content and their access to the workspace is controlled by Customer and may be modified by Customer at any time.

Authorized User is a term used to refer to both Customer and Invited Users, which is intended to represent anyone who can legally access the Plexie platform.

Our Rights If You Violate Our Terms

In the case where we discover or have reason to believe there has been a violation of this Contract, our Acceptable Use Policy, or any of our other policies we will ensure corrective action is taken promptly. We may ask the Customer to remedy the violation if we deem this appropriate. We may take corrective action directly if Customer does not address the violation in a timely manner or if we determine the violation is of a more serious nature, is time sensitive or illegal. This action may include permanently deleting data or disabling access to the system. Any illegal activity will immediately be reported to the appropriate legal authority.

Using our software

Authorized Users must follow some basic terms of use of our platform that are described in our Acceptable Use Policy. For the benefit of all users of our platform, we ask that any inappropriate behavior or content be immediately report to us and to Customer, if you are an Invited User.

While your subscription is in effect, you will be permitted to access the system. Following termination of your subscription, or in the event you violate our Acceptable User Policy, your access will be terminated. If you are an Invited User, Customer may also terminate your access to their workspace at their discretion or for violations of our Acceptable Use Policy, or any policies or rules specific to Customer.


A subscription is required for an Authorized User to access the system in any way. A subscription may be purchased online, or in some cases via a purchase order. Each Authorized User must agree to our Terms of Service (this document) in order to access the system. Each subscription is for a specific, named, Authorized User and may not be shared with any other Authorized User or any other individual. The subscription period starts once we make the software available to the Customer. Some orders may be more complex and may be covered by other written purchase agreements. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all subscriptions for a given Customer will be co-terminus, terminating on a single date. Customer may add or remove licenses at any time and will be billed for a pro-rata portion of the days in the month each license was active.

Platform Sold As-Is

When making any purchase decision, Customer should only rely on functionality currently available to Customer and that runs in currently supported computing platforms and browsers. We may share future plans, ideas or accept feedback. These may indicate direction or intent but should not be used to make purchase decisions and are in no way commitments to support any such functionality.

Preview Testers

Occasionally we may invite selected Authorized Users to preview work-in-progress. These features may not be complete and may or may not be ready for production. For this reason, these versions of the software are provided as-is with no warranty or contractional commitments to suitability, stability or availability. Additionally, these versions may be turned off and become unavailable at any time, with all work and data potentially lost. Authorized Users who accept an offer to participate in any preview program agree to these terms.

Non-Plexie Products

Plexie can be used in conjunction with many third-party products. Plexie provides no warranty of any kind for these third-party products, nor do we provide support for these products. Additionally, we are not responsible for any data that you choose share with any third parties by using or integrating with their products. Authorized Users can decide for themselves to take on the responsibility of using any third-party products in conjunction with Plexie.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

For online purchases, payment must be made at the time of the order and is required prior to activation of licenses. All purchases are non-refundable. In certain cases, we may agree to a purchase order for license purchases. All such purchase orders are due and payable in full within 30 days of the date on the invoice, which will be provided to Customer via email. All fees are exclusive of any taxes (including value added taxes), duties, levies or other such items which are the sole responsibility of Customer.

Credits, Cancellation and License Counts

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. Subscriptions that are cancelled, will end at the end of the month in which they were cancelled. Active licenses are not determined by license activity but represent any purchased licenses whose term has not ended and which have not been cancelled.

Renewal and Non-Payment

All active licenses must be renewed upon subscription termination to remain active. Licenses that are not renewed or for which payment has not been received according to Payment Terms in this section, will be deactivated or downgraded to non-fee-based accounts, if such accounts are offered. Downgrading may result in loss of data and restriction of functionality.

Our Responsibilities

Service Availability

We will make the platform services available for your use. Typically, our services should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of planned downtime which we will notify you about in advance. For Customers on plans that have specific service agreements, we will adhere to these service levels and credits that may be specified in those plans. For all other Customers, we make no commitment to system uptime. In such situations, system downtime, whether planned or unplanned, does not violate our responsibilities to you, will not be eligible for credits or other compensation and is not considered a breach of this contract.

Privacy and Data Protection

We respect the privacy of the users of our platform. Please review our Privacy Policy for details.

We take data protection very seriously and use our best efforts ensure no unauthorized access to your data or our systems occurs. Our security policy and practices are detailed on our Security Practices page. You acknowledge and understand that despite our best efforts, all online systems are at risk of a security breach and no company, including Plexie, can guarantee a breach will never occur.

If you use any third-party software or systems with Plexie, it is your sole responsibility to ensure the safety of your data and account credentials with these third-party products.

Ownership Rights and Proprietary Information

Customer owns any data they or their Invited Users create with Plexie. Authorized Users grant Plexie a worldwide, non-exclusive, limited term license access, copy, execute, export and use your data only for the following services: 1) To ensure compliance with our Acceptable Terms policy, 2) to maintain system security or to address any actual or potential security threats, 3) to provide the platform services and maintain service levels, 4) to provide technical support, 5) to apply updates or software patches.

Plexie owns all services and data not produced by Authorized Users that is part of providing our services. This includes all intellectual property rights. For software that we make available to Authorized Users, we grant a non-transferrable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, limited license to use the object or runtime code (not including source code of any form) that is necessary to use the platform in accordance with these terms. All other rights not granted herein are retained by us.

Term and Termination

Termination for Cause

If we or Customer materially breaches this contract, and the breach is not cured within 30 days of notice by the breaching party, this contract may be terminated for cause. If we believe any laws or regulations are being violated by any Authorized User using Plexie, we may terminate the service immediately. If we terminate for cause, Customer will be responsible for payment of unpaid fees covering the remainder the subscription term following the date of termination.

Termination Without Cause

Paid subscriptions may not be cancelled during the contract term other than as described above in “Termination for Cause.” Customer may cancel free subscriptions any time. We may also cancel free subscriptions at any time but will give Customer 30 days notice prior to termination.


Unless otherwise agreed in a written order, all paid subscriptions will automatically renew upon expiration for the following twelve (12) months at the same rate as the expiring subscription. We may, from time to time, changes subscriptions rates. In the event that we intend to increase Customer subscription rates, we will give Customer the option to renew at these new rates, rather than automatically renewing the subscription.


Sections entitled, Customers and Users, Payment Terms and Conditions, Ownership Rights and Proprietary Information, Term and Termination, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, Confidentiality, shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason.

Data Deletion and Retention

Following subscription termination for any reason, we will delete all Customer data, including that of Invited Users of any of the Customer’s workspaces. If we are legally obliged to retain such data, we will do so until such obligation is fulfilled, at which time we will delete all of the data.

Warranty Disclaimer


Limitation of Liability


Customer understands that they are responsible for safeguarding all login credentials, including user name, password, any biometric data and any other data or biometry related to accessing Plexie. We will not be responsible for any damages, losses or liability arising from these credentials not being property safeguarded by Customer or Invited User or by these credentials being intentionally provided to any third party or third-party application.


Our Indemnification of Customer

We will defend Customer against any claim, suits, actions, demands and proceedings alleging that the use of our software by Customer infringes on any copyright, patent, or intellectual property right and will indemnify Customer and hold them harmless from and against any claim or suit, including any losses, damages, or expenses arising from any such claim or suit. We shall have no obligation hereunder for infringement claims arising from Customer or Invited Users’ failure to use our software in accordance with the terms of this agreement and our Acceptable Use terms,
use of the software in conjunction with third party products or any
modification or alteration of the software functionality by any
Customer, Invited User or any third parties.

Customer must provide us with timely notification of any such claim and Customer understands we shall have sole control of the defense and of all negotiations for settlement of such claim or suit and Customer shall cooperate with us in the defense or settlement of any such claim or suit.

This section outlines our sole liability with respect to and exclusive remedy against Customer for any Indemnification claim.

Customer Indemnification of Us

Customer agrees to defend Plexie against any claim, suits, actions, demands and proceedings related to Customer’s or any of its Invited Users’ violation of any Contract, these User Terms, our Acceptable User Policy, or any other allowed use documents provided to Customer, and will indemnify us and hold us harmless from and against any claim or suit, including any losses, damages, or expenses incurred and any damages, legal fees or other costs that may be awarded against us..

We must provide Customer with timely notification of any such claim and we understand Customer shall have sole control of the defense and of all negotiations for settlement of such claim or suit and we shall cooperate with Customer in the defense or settlement of any such claim or suit. This section outlines Customer’s sole liability with respect to and exclusive remedy against us for any ndemnification claim.

Limitations on Indemnifications

With respect to indemnification of either party by the other, the indemnified party may use their own counsel, provided they pay for this counsel. Additionally, any settlement agreement must be agreed to, in writing, by both the indemnifying party and the indemnified party.


Most of our interaction with Customer involves the exchange of public information. However, it is acknowledged and agreed that during the course of our relationship with you as Customer, either of us my share confidential information with the other.

What Is Confidential Information

“Confidential Information” as used in this Agreement shall mean any information that is not public, relating to technical and non-technical information including patent, copyright, trade secret, and proprietary information, techniques, sketches, drawings, models, inventions, know how, processes, apparatus, equipment, algorithms, software programs, software source documents, and formulae related to the current, future and proposed products and services of each of the parties, and includes, without limitation, each party’s respective information concerning research, experimental work, development, design details and specifications, engineering, financial information, procurement requirements, purchasing, manufacturing, customers, customer lists, business forecasts, sales and merchandising, and marketing plans and information. “Confidential Information” also includes personally identifiable information, proprietary or confidential information of any third party who may disclose such information to either party in the course of the other party’s business. Any information disclosed by the disclosing party (“Discloser”) will be considered Confidential Information of Discloser by the receiving party (“Recipient”), if any of the following are true: the information is not public, the information is marked as “Confidential” or “Proprietary”, if provided verbally, is identified as confidential at the time of disclosure or if the information would reasonably be expected to be confidential by the Recipient.

Our Agreed Confidentiality Obligations

Each of the parties, as Recipient, agrees that such Recipient will not use, disseminate, or in any way disclose any Confidential Information of the other party, as Discloser, to any person, firm or business, except to the extent necessary for internal evaluations in connection with negotiations, discussions, and consultations with personnel or authorized representatives of such Discloser, and for any other purpose such Discloser may hereafter authorize in writing. Furthermore, the existence of any business negotiations, discussions, consultations or agreements in progress between the parties shall not be released to any form of public media without written approval of both parties. Each of the parties, as Recipient, agrees that such Recipient shall treat all Confidential Information of the other party, as Discloser, with the same degree of care as such Recipient accords to such Recipient’s own Confidential Information, but in no case less than reasonable care. Each of the parties, as Recipient, which is not an individual agrees that such Recipient shall disclose Confidential Information of the other party, as Discloser, only to those of such Recipient’s employees who need to know such information, and such Recipient certifies that such Recipient employees have previously agreed, either as a condition to employment or in order to obtain the Confidential Information of the Discloser, to be bound by terms and conditions substantially similar to those terms and conditions applicable to such Recipient under this Agreement. Each of the parties, as Recipient, shall immediately give notice to the other party, as Discloser, of any unauthorized use or disclosure of Discloser’s Confidential Information. Each of the parties, as Recipient, agrees to assist the other party, as Discloser, in remedying any such unauthorized use or disclosure of Discloser’s Confidential Information. Each Recipient will be responsible for the acts of its employees and agents with respect to the Discloser’s Confidential Information.

Confidentiality Exclusions

Confidentiality obligations of each of the parties, as Recipient, with respect to any portion of the Confidential Information of the other party, as Discloser, shall not apply to such portion that such Recipient can document: (a) was in the public domain at or subsequent to the time such portion was communicated to such Recipient by such Discloser through no fault of Recipient, (b) was rightfully in Recipient’s possession free of any obligation of confidence at or subsequent to the time such portion was communicated to Recipient by Discloser, or (c) was communicated by Discloser to an unaffiliated third party free of any obligation of confidence and subsequently disclosed by third party to Recipient. A disclosure by each of the parties, as Recipient, of Confidential Information of the other party, as Discloser, either (a) in response to a valid order by a court or other governmental body, (b) otherwise required by law, or (c) necessary to establish the rights of either party under this Agreement, shall not be considered to be a breach of this Agreement by such Recipient or a waiver of confidentiality for other purposes; provided, however, such Recipient shall provide prompt prior written notice thereof to such Discloser to enable such Discloser to seek a protective order or otherwise prevent such disclosure.


Entire Agreement

This Agreement supersedes all prior discussions, understandings and agreements between the parties with respect to the matters contained herein. This Agreement contains the sole and entire agreement between the parties with respect to the transactions contemplated herein. This Agreement may not be amended or modified except by another agreement in writing executed by the parties hereto.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

The validity and effect of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado, without regard to its rules regarding conflicts of law. Any and all disputes arising from or in connection with this Agreement shall be prosecuted in a court of competent jurisdiction in Denver, Colorado.

Binding Effect.

This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon Customer and its permitted successors and assigns, and upon Plexie and its successors and assigns.


Headings as to the contents of particular sections are inserted only for convenience and shall not be construed a part of this Agreement or as a limitation on the scope of any of the terms or provisions of this Agreement.


If any provision of this Agreement, or the application thereof to any person or circumstance, is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect any other provision that can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions hereof shall be severable.

Force Majeure

No party shall be responsible for failure or delay in performance hereunder by reason of fire, flood, riot, strikes, labor disputes, acts of terror or sabotage, freight embargoes or transportation delays, acts of God or of the public enemy, war or civil disturbances, any future laws, rules, regulations or acts of any government (including any orders, rules or regulations issued by any official or agency or such government) affecting a party that would delay or prohibit performance hereunder, computer, telecommunications, Internet service provider or hosting facility failures or delays involving hardware, software or power systems not within a party’s possession or reasonable control, or any cause beyond the reasonable control of such party (a “Force Majeure Event”). Upon the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event, the party whose performance is so affected shall promptly give notice to the other party of the occurrence or circumstance upon which it intends to rely to excuse its performance. During the duration of the Force Majeure Event, the party so affected shall use its reasonable commercial efforts to avoid or remove such Force Majeure Event and shall take reasonable steps to resume its performance under this Agreement with the least possible delay.


You may publicly share that you use Plexie. We may share Customer company’s name and logo as a user of Plexie on our website and marketing materials.


This Agreement and the rights and licenses granted may not be assigned, sublicensed or transferred in any manner by Customer or Invited User without our prior written consent, which may be granted or withheld at our sole discretion. This Agreement may be assigned, in whole or in part, by Customer (in the case where Customer is a company and not an individual), to any company which is directly or indirectly controlled by such party or which controls such party or to a party that acquires substantially all of the assets of such party to which this Agreement relates. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this agreement may not be transferred to any entity that we determine, at our sole discretion, is a competitor to Plexie. The agreement may be assigned by us in the event of any change in ownership or control.


Unless otherwise specified in this agreement, all notifications under this agreement should be made by email. Notices and legal correspondence should be sent to A notice is deemed to be received once an automated receipt verification email has been received by the notice sender.


We take data privacy very seriously. A complete description of our Policies can be found in our Privacy Policy.


Over time, we may make changes to our Customer Terms and other documents relating to our relationship with you as a Customer and our responsibilities as a service provider. We will notify you of such changes in advance, by email and/or in the application, before such changes take effect. Use of our system after the date these changes take effect will constitute acceptance of the updated terms.

Acceptable Use Policy

Effective February 1, 2019

This Acceptable Use Policy outlines the ways in which you may use the Plexie platform and they type of use that is prohibited. Should you violate any of these terms or if we suspect misuse or abuse of our platform or use our platform in way that may harm others or violate the law, at our sole discretion we may terminate your use of Plexie either temporarily or permanently. We may also pursue legal action or report behavior to authorities if appropriate.

Terms of Service

In addition to the use restrictions outlined in this document, all users must also abide by the Plexie Terms of Service agreement, which is available both in the application and on our website.

Criminal Activity 

Conducting any criminal activity or using the platform to directly or indirectly support such activity is not permitted. Such use will immediately be reported to the appropriate authorities and involved user accounts removed permanently. This also applies to the following, all of which is strictly prohibited on the Plexie platform:

  • Organizations, clubs or informal groups organized to encourage, plan or conduct crimes, intimidation, harassment or other such activities
  • Terrorist activity
  • Human trafficking, prostitution or slavery

Objectionable Content 

Pornography and Sexual Content

Content that is pornographic or sexual in nature is not permitted on the Plexie platform. This includes links to other sites that may contain such content. It is understood that images of the physical body and discussion of human sexuality may have legitimate uses such as medical training and others, however when such images or discussions are intended to cause sexual excitement, they fit the definition of pornography and are prohibited. Sexual solicitation of any kind is also prohibited on the platform.

Violence and Graphic Content

Plexie should not be used to promote or depict violence or any behavior that inflicts pain or suffering on others. Additionally, we prohibit the use of disturbing graphic content.

Hate Speech

Plexie may not be used to promote hate speech. This includes any attack or derogatory statements directed at another person or group which may or may not be based on personal characteristics, beliefs, ethnic origin and other distinguishing factors. Trolling is not permitted on the platform, specifically including engaging in controversial and emotional dialog for the sole purpose of upsetting or angering other users.

Harm to Self and Others

We do not allow any content that encourages people to harm themselves or others in any way. This may include, but is not limited to, inciting violence against others, suicide or self-injury behaviors.


The Plexie platform may not be used to promote the sale or use of illegal goods such as drugs and other legally regulated items. Goods that may be legally used and sold by individuals, such as firearms, may appear in Plexie but promotion for uses outside legal restrictions or to incite violence or illegal activity is prohibited.


Users may not misrepresent their identities on the Plexie platform. We ask users to use their true identity when registering and using Plexie. This information is not shared or visible to others on the platform or outside the platform unless the user specifically shares the information.

Commercial Activity and Spam 

Users may engage in legal commercial activity between themselves and others
who have agreed to be contacted by them. Plexie may not be used to
contact people who have not previously agreed to be contacted by you
(opted in). Any such use of Plexie is considered a violation of this
agreement and may be prosecuted.

Intellectual Property 

You are free to use any content you own or have legal rights to use. In using the Plexie platform, you must respect the trademarks, copyright and intellectual property ownership of others.

Acceptable use Issues 

If you have any questions or concerns about the Plexie Acceptable User Policy, please contact us at:

Plexie – Acceptable Use Policy
700 17th Street
Suite 1850
Denver, CO 80202