Sales Strategies for
Small Businesses
using Plexie

Develop reliable sales strategies for your small business by collaborating with your team, sharing notes, valuable sales resources, and creating personalized experiences for prospects.  With Plexie templates, you can establish your sales plan, manage content, projects, and plan with your team.

Plexie for Small Business Sales

Plexie for your Small Business Sales Team

Collaborate on ideas, keep track of activities, plan goals and campaigns with Plexie.

Team Collaboration

Create a seamless sales cycle with your team.

Ask the right questions, jot down notes, and qualify prospective clients and sales opportunities. Stay aligned by sharing your customized Plexie with your team.

Plexie Wiki Knowledge Base for Sales Teams.
Plexie Wiki Knowledge Base for Sales Teams.

Content Management

Create a Client Resource Portal.

Create an immersive, engaging experience that offers simple, secure content and file sharing for your prospective clients. Easily customize the look and feel of each Plexie to match your brand.

See an example of how your Sales team can benefit from Plexie.

Project Management

Manage your projects, team and everything in between.

Coordinate projects, manage content, tasks and develop other
small business sales strategies with ease using the
all-new Plexie Smart Tables.

Plexie Wiki Knowledge Base for Sales Teams.