Exporting Content from Plexie

Plexie provides several ways to export data: Creating a PDF of a page Exporting all media from a page Creating a CSV file for exporting Smart Tables Creating a PDF To create a PDF of the current page: Select Export in the upper right hand corner of the page. Select PDF Document. In a few […]

Plexie Shutdown FAQ

Why Is Plexie Shutting Down? Plexie is part of a larger parent company, which was acquired earlier this year (2021). The new owner is focusing on other markets and made the difficult decision to shutdown Plexie. What Will Happen to My Content In Plexie? You can get all of the content out of Plexie in […]

✨ What’s New

New Features | July 19, 2021:Plexie 2.0, with new document layout options, faster speeds, and a streamlined interface. 1) New Document Layout Options By popular demand, you can now view your pages in a list on the left or right of your document. This list automatically updates as pages are added or reordered, and also allows […]

Save your Plexie Document as a PDF

How to save your Plexie Document as a PDF To save your document as a PDF, first click ‘Page Properties’ and at the bottom, select ‘Print.’ Note: Make sure you’re in ‘view’ mode of your document for optimal results. Next, under ‘Destination’ select to ‘Save as PDF.’ Under ‘Options,’ choose the option that best fits […]

I try to insert a link and its not working

Link Inserted Not Working If you are trying to insert a URL link into Plexie and you keep getting a black line, you can remedy the problem in one of two ways: Add the url link directly as seen here Or click Ctrl+Z on Windows or Command-Z on Mac to Undo the Previous action This […]

Introduction: Smart Tables

What are Smart Tables used for? Plexie Smart Tables manage activities, task lists, events, product development, and more. Smart Tables are easy-to-use and customizable to user’s needs.  Taking traditional task management tools like Excel further, Smart Tables eliminates complexity with user-friendly color-coding, numbering, pick-list fields, drag-and-drop, and other innovative, organizational features.  Get Started To create a […]

How to Find and Use Templates

Create a New Document from a Template Use our templates to create your Plexie document or to add additional pages to your existing document.  Add a page to an existing Plexie document by pressing on the ‘+’ icon. Use the Template Gallery Choose a template or start with a blank canvas.  The template gallery, on […]

Commenting and Document Review

Add Comments to Content Allowing others to review and comment on Plexie documents helps product better content. Plexie offers a convenient way to comment on content and capture conversation around each comment. Comments can be added to any document including images, text, videos and documents.  To add or view comments, be sure you’re in ‘edit’ […]

How to Upgrade to Plexie Pro

Upgrade to Plexie PRO Signing up for free allows your team to get started but the PRO plan gives users access to premium templates, commenting and review features, and other notable highlights. To view the full benefits of Plexie PRO, view our pricing. View Pricing

Shared Plexie Documents Without Watermarks

Signing up for free allows your team to get started but the PRO plan gives users access to premium document templates, watermark-free sharing, commenting and review features, and other notable highlights. By default, shared Plexie documents show the Plexie watermark in the upper righthand corner. Share your Plexie document with those outside your workspace professionally […]