Table Styling

How to Style a Table Table Fill & Styling Customize the individual cells or entire table with our styling feature. Clicking any cell in a table will bring up the table formatting bar. The table styling dialog can also be found on the main formatting bar. Cell Properties Cell Shading & Styling To fill a […]

Invite People To Your Workspace

Invite People to Your Workspace To invite your team to your workspace, click ‘Invite People’ on the left menu. Once the invite pop-up appears, enter up to 10 emails at a time.  Invited users will receive an invite email.

Reset Your Plexie Password

Forgot your password? Not a problem. Reset your password at the Plexie login screen. A reset link will be sent to the email associated with the account. If you’re not sure which email address you used for your account, contact us. Need more help?

Move a Page

Move a Plexie Document Page To move a document page, click ‘page properties’ on the righthand corner of the page.  Select ‘move’ – a popup with locations and folder options will appear. 

Audio & Video Transcription Software

Video/Audio Transcription Methods Google Docs offers cloud-based response to Microsoft Word, has a dictation software tool called Voice Typing (it comes pre-installed and requires no plugins). Mobile phones offer transcription methods as well. Advanced software platforms, like Temi, is low cost and provides high end video and automatically does the transcription.

Printing Plexie Documents

How to Print Plexie Documents To print your document, click ‘page properties’ and at the bottom, select ‘print.’ Select ‘more settings’ / ‘options’ and check off ‘background graphics.’ Need more help?

Image Linking and Zooming

Image Linking & Zooming Plexie supports two actions when users click on an image:  Hyperlink – When the user clicks the hyperlinked image, a URL or Plexie page opens. Choose to open it in the same browser tab or in a new browser tab.Zoom in on the image – When the user clicks the image, […]

Plexie Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a list of the most important keystrokes supported by Plexie: Block formatting Bulleted list – Start a line with * or – followed by a space. Numbered list – Start a line with 1. or 1) followed by a space. Headings – Start a line with # or ## or ### followed by […]

Move a Plexie Document to Another Workspace

Move a Document to Another Workspace If you’d like to move a document to another workspace, select ‘move’ found on options icon on the far right of the document’s row, and choose the workspace you’d like to move your document to.  When the ‘Move Document’ pop-up appears, select the folder or area within this new […]