Commenting and Document Review

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Allowing others to review and comment on your content helps produce better content. Plexie provides a powerful and convenient way to comment on content, and capture conversation threads around each comment.

Adding Comments to Content

Comments can be added to any content including text, images, videos and documents. To add a comment:

    1. Be sure you are in Edit mode to view or edit comments (upper right corner Edit/View button)
    2. Select the text, image, video or document.
    3. From the formatting toolbar, select the Comment icon.Plexie commenting toolbar
    4. Add comments or reply to existing comments
    5. Clck the green OK arrow or click anywhere on the document background to end your comment.
      Finish adding a comment in Plexie


Reviewing Comments

When viewing a Plexie, comments show as follows:

  • Text is highlighted yellow
  • Media, images and documents show a yellow border around them

view comment in Plexie

To view the actual comments on a page, select Edit mode using the Edit/View button in the upper right corner of Plexie.

How to Turn On Commenting

Commenting is a feature of the Pro version of Plexie. To activate this features, contact Plexie using the chat icon in the lower right corner of Plexie.