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Getting Started with Plexie

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What is Plexie used for?

Individuals, groups and enterprises use Plexie to create and share information with each other. Plexie is different in that it allows users to create and present information in a variety of very compelling and engaging ways. Everything from simple notes, schedules, business procedures, user stories, wikis, knowledge bases and even digital magazines and books.

Plexie Workspaces

When you signed up for Plexie, you created your own personal workspace. This workspace is completely private and you control who joins the workspace and what content they can see or modify. You may decide to keep your workspace private with you as its only member. You may also decide to invite others into your workspace. Your workspace has a Personal Plexies and Team Plexies area.

Creating Your First Plexie

Select the location of your Plexie in the Team/Personal area and select Create Plexie.

Adding Content to Your Plexie

To start editing a Plexie (or template), select Edit in the upper right corner and you will then be able to add and edit text and images on the pages.

Plexie allows you to add a rich set of content to your pages. Check out examples here.

Adding Pages to Your Plexie

You can easily add new pages to a Plexie by clicking the “+” at the top of your Plexie. your Plexies.

Next name your page and select the page template you’d like to use, or “Blank” to start with a blank new page. Lastly, select the Create button