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Getting Started with Plexie

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Getting Started: Welcome to Plexie!

What is Plexie used for?

Plexie is your home for team collaboration, content management, and project management, whether it’s for personal use, for teams, businesses or enterprises.

Unlike other platforms, Plexie allows users to create and share information and easily customize the look and feel of each Plexie to match your needs. From jotting down notes, to developing strategic plans, wikis, knowledge bases, and more – Plexie offers an engaging experience.

Main Points

  •  A workspace is where you’ll store your Plexies and manage content.
  • A Plexie belongs to a workspace and consists of your team collaboration, content, and project management. 
  • There are three ways you can create a Plexie.
    • You can start by using one our built-in templates.
    • You can also start from scratch with a blank canvas. 
    • Alternatively, you can use one of our premium templates, offered for PRO users. 
When you first open up Plexie, you’ll get a pop-up menu of template options. 

What are Plexie Workspaces?

After you’ve initially signed up, we ask you to create and name your workspace

Your workspace is your personal hub, private and controlled by you. You decide what content to create and modify. Invite others in or keep it as your personal space – you decide! Each Plexie workspace offers a Personal Plexie space and a Team Plexie space. 


Free accounts come with one workspace. For more, visit our pricing page

Creating your first Plexie

To the left, you should see a dark blue menu bar. Towards the middle, you’ll see Personal Plexie and Team Plexie.

Decide where you’d like to store it and then click Create Plexie.
To add and edit content to your Plexie, select ‘edit’ mode in the upper righthand corner. 
Easily add new pages to a Plexie by clicking the ‘+’ icon. Blank and built-in templates are available. Select ‘create’ on a template of your choosing.