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Image Linking and Zooming

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Image Linking & Zooming

Plexie support two actions when users click on an image: 

Hyperlink – When the user clicks the hyperlinked image, a URL or Plexie page opens. Choose to open it in the same browser tab or in a new browser tab.
Zoom in on the image – When the user clicks the image, the image enlarges and the user can zoom in/out on the image.

In ‘edit’ mode, click on an image in your Plexie.
  1. In the image toolbar, click on the ‘gear’ icon to open the media properties. 

Select Image Click Behavior
Turn the ‘click/tab action’ on to choose ‘zoom’ or ‘open link’

Allow Download
If you’d like viewers of your Plexie to be able to download your image, select ‘allow download’ and a download control will appear on the image. 

Image Behavior Indicators
When an image is setup to navigate to another page, a navigation icon in the upper right corner of the image when you hover over the image.

If download is enable for an image, you’ll see the download icon in the upper left of the image when you hover over the image.