Overview of Sharing in Plexie

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Overview of Sharing

There are several ways to share a Plexie, depending upon whether you’d like the other person to be able to edit the Plexie with you or just view it and also depending upon if they are in your workspace or not. Here are the three ways to share a Plexie:

  1. Share With Others Not Using Plexie – Use a Share Link. This can be given to anyone and gives them read-only access to the Plexie. They can only view that specific Plexie and are not in your workspace. They just see what looks like a web page. They can see all the pages in that Plexie, but nothing else.
  2. Invite People Into Your Workspace – this invites the user into your Workspace. They can see and edit anything in the Team Plexies area and create Plexies in the Team area or their Personal Plexies area.

Share a Personal Plexie with Individuals in your Workspace – Plexies you create in your Personal Plexies area are private. You may want to share a Plexie with one or more individuals in your workspace, but not everyone in the Workspace. In this case, you can simply click Sharing and invite one or more individuals to view and edit this Plexie with you. Note, if you include emails addresses of users not in Plexie, they will receive an invitation to join Plexie and have access to your shared Plexie (as well as all Team Plexies in the workspace)

Public Link Sharing

Share a public link to your Plexie that can be seen by anyone. This link is visible to non-Plexie users and people outside of the workspace that the Plexie is in.



Share a Personal Plexie with Individuals in your Workspace