Plexie Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard support

Below is a list of the most important keystrokes supported by Plexie:

Block formatting

  • Bulleted list – Start a line with * or - followed by a space.
  • Numbered list – Start a line with 1. or 1) followed by a space.
  • Headings – Start a line with # or ## or ### followed by a space to create a heading 1, heading 2 or heading 3 (up to heading 6 if options defines more headings).
  • Code block – Start a line with ```.

Inline formatting

  • Bold – Type **text** or __text__,
  • Italic – Type *text* or _text_,
  • Code – Type `text`.

Automatic Text Transformation

From To
(c) ©
1/2 ½
“foo” “foo”
Action PC Mac
Copy Ctrl + C + C
Paste Ctrl + V + V
Undo Ctrl + Z + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + Shift + Z
+ Y
+ Shift + Z
Bold Ctrl + B + B
Italic Ctrl + I + I
Link Ctrl + K + K
Insert a hard break (e.g. a new paragraph) Enter
Insert a soft break (i.e. a <br>) Shift + Enter
Nest the current list item (when in a list) Tab
Move selection to the next cell (when in a table) Tab
Move selection to the previous cell (when in a table) Shift + Tab
Insert a new table row (when in the last cell of a table) Tab


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