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Plexie URL Overview

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Plexie URL Structure

The Plexie URL contains two parts. The first points to the Plexie itself, the second points to an individual page.

You can use only the portion of the URL that points to the Plexie, in which case Plexie will automatically open the first page in that Plexie.

In the example below, notice we only use the URL pointing to the entire Plexie, not any specific page. In this case, Plexie will open the first page in the Plexie. If that page were First Page as shown below, that page would open. 

Example: If you later reordered pages so that ‘Event Planner’ was now the first page, the URL to the Plexie only would open the ‘Event Planner’ page.

Share links are an option you can enable if you want to share a Plexie with others so they can view (not edit) an individual Plexie. You can enable Share Links and copy the link address right from within the Plexie app. But for those users that want a deeper understanding of how the URL structure related to Share links works, this section provides details.

The URL for a share link is identical to the URL for any given Plexie page, with one addition, the use of the keyword public in the URL as shown below. Remember that this only works on Plexies in which you have enabled Link Sharing. Adding the public keyword on to any other URLs will not work.