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Introduction: Smart Tables

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What are Smart Tables used for?

Plexie Smart Tables manage activities, task lists, events, product development, and more. Smart Tables are easy-to-use and customizable to user’s needs. 

Taking traditional task management tools like Excel further, Smart Tables eliminates complexity with user-friendly color-coding, numbering, pick-list fields, drag-and-drop, and other innovative, organizational features. 

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Get Started

To create a Smart Table, click ‘Create Plexie’ in the upper righthand corner, or click ‘Plexie Templates’ on the left menu bar. 

Once at the ‘Plexie Templates’ page, choose one of the following categories to use Smart Tables: 

  • Blanks
    • A blank table
  • Smart Table
    • Choose from a variety of templates.

Data Field Types

Create data field types in your table by selecting the ‘+’ symbol to the right of your table. Choose one of the following options:
  • Text field
  • Numeric field
    • Customize the numeric field with a prefix (¥, £, €, $, etc), suffix (m, °C, °F, %, etc), and precision value.
  • Pick List field
    • Customize the single select field with or without the use of colors. Create options by selecting the ‘+’ sign. 

Add New Rows & Columns of Data

Click the ‘+’ symbol towards the bottom left of the table to add a new row of data. 


Drag and Drop

Drag and drop columns and rows to reorder your table. 

Customize View

Set row spacing to show more text and hide or show cell borders.