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How to Get The Most Out Of Our Templates

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Templates are a powerful way to quickly create high quality, engaging content. To create a page using a template follow these instructions:

Use a Standard Template to Create a New Page

  1. Select the add new page button (+)
  2. Next name your page and browse the list of templates to find the one you’d like to use.

How to Create Your Own Template

  1. Open a page that you’d like to make into a template.
  2. Select Page Properties > Create Template

You will now see your new template available for use under the Plexie Templates > Team list as shown below:

How to Update a Template

  1. Create a page based on the template you’d like to update. You will just use this page to update the template. You may remove it once you have completed the template update.
  2. Select Page Properties > Update Template
  3. Choose the existing template you’d like to replace using the current Plexie page. You can select any existing template, it does not have to be the original template you used.

Enjoy Custom Templates!

Plexie templates are extremely powerful and are a great way to save your team time and increase adoption and use of Plexie. Experiment, try new things, have fun!