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A quality SWOT analysis involves the thoughts and contributions of your whole team, pulling together 
individual or departmental perspectives and distilled into an agreed upon strategy for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A SWOT analysis is a simple, yet effective tool to help make strategic plans for every business, industry and organization. A SWOT analysis might be beneficial for: 

  • Operations Management: Completing a SWOT analysis helps businesses assess the company direction and goals, and can be applied to a wide range of situations and initiatives.
  • Software Development: Successful development relies on efficient teams being able to identify internal and external factors influencing progress – a SWOT analysis offers a thorough assessment.
  • Marketing: Evaluate the whole picture and create a solid marketing goal by outlining marketing trends, pricing, competition, and other key factors with a SWOT analysis.
  • Sales: Generate more revenue, refine sales strategies, and steer teams in the right direction with a SWOT analysis assessment.

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