For Teachers

Create a Course

Use our templates or create one for yourself. Tables, links to blogs, embedded YouTube videos, documents, and more. You can add almost anything into a Plexie!

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Build a class project

Students can collaboratively create reports and presentations and present them to class using Plexies. Unlock their creativity!

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Remote Learning - Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Engage your students whether in the classroom or remotely

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For Students

Show off your Creativity

You're not boring and your work shouldn't be either! Go ahead...amaze your teacher and yourself!

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Better Notes = Better Grades

Take notes alone or collaborate and share them with friends. Use Cornell Notes? No Problem...we have a template for that. Studying is easier and more fun. Get that "A"!

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Make a Resume or Portfolio that Sells You!

Standout for internships and jobs. Show off your unique talents and get more call-backs. Plexie lets you engage!

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Plexie is free for teachers and students