Plexie solves your biggest
Training and Education challenges...

Gather all your thoughts and materials.

Grab a template, then start typing. It's that easy. Embed videos, diagrams, document, slides and more right into your Plexie. No more linking to outside files!

Organize until your content is perfect

Move and resize Plexie cards to get the flow right. Use Sections and Pages to create a logical flow for larger courses. Easily update your Plexies when the content changes

Engage and Inspire your Learner

Create a website-like experience to engage and inspire your learner. Make key concepts standout. Use imagery to create a lasting impression.

Share with a Few. Share with Many!

Let students collaborate on a project. Control access to a small group. Or share your learning content with the world!

Business process on iPhone

Keep it Simple

Anyone can use Plexie to make amazing content. Plexie is also easy to try, start small and build on your success!

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(Did we mention Plexie is free for small teams?)